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Jake Paul drops sparring partner and takes dig at Paddy Pimblett

Jake Paul drops sparring partner and takes dig at Paddy Pimblett

Paul called out Pimblett to face him in some sparring recently but the UFC star was too busy with an actual fight to face the YouTuber.

Jake Paul knocked down his latest sparring partner, with a body shot that left him struggling to breathe, before aiming a dig at Paddy Pimblett.

Social media star turned boxer Paul is often not just fighting in the ring but also for legitimacy, with many people not convinced by his boxing career to date.

So far the American has mainly faced former UFC stars, most of whom have been pretty much well past their best, most recently defeating Anderson Silva, with some claiming the result wasn't 100% on the up and up.

As he continues to strive to be recognised, he has recently been involved in a spat with Pimblett, calling out the current MMA star to spar with him

However, without the Englishman to test himself again, he was left with egamer Faz Dee, who was knocked down by a big body shot, as you can see in the video below.

Asked about the knockdown, the Costa Rican said, "Gave me a couple of body shots, bro.

"I couldn’t breathe.

"I rethought about what I did, stepping in the ring man, he’s a real boxer, he does that sh*t

"Heavy ass hands, he’s not even trying."

How much people will take seriously the idea of Paul being a 'real boxer' from someone else who isn't a boxer in any way is certainly questionable.

But Dee doubled down on his thoughts, adding, "His hands are so heavy, and he doesn’t even look like he’s trying.

"They told me to go in there and box at my pace, and he’s going to match my pace.

"That boy tagged me in the face, tagged me in the sternum, couldn’t breathe, I’m like ‘I’m done.'"

The egamer and the YouTuber after sparring. Image: Instagram
The egamer and the YouTuber after sparring. Image: Instagram

Pimblett wasn't able to fight Paul, due to the fact he was getting ready for an actual fight at UFC 282 last weekend, but didn't rule it out completely.

The 27-year-old laid down his terms to take on the Problem Child, wanting it to be on his terms and criticising the American for usually only doing things when it suited him.

Perhaps that's what led to Paul taking a dig at Pimblett, when praising Faze Dee for getting in the ring with him, "He’s fast, he’s got heart and balls," the social media star said of his most recent opponent.

"He’s doing what a lot of people wouldn’t do, which is get in the ring with me, so respect to him.

"He’s athletic and threw some shots. If he really worked at it, he’d be good."

Once again it feels like it says much of Paul's professional athletic career that he's claiming an egamer he knocked down in a couple of minutes would be 'good.'

Perhaps it'll be another easy win on his record in the future, whilst not actually fighting a boxer.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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