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Intruders run for their lives after breaking into person's house, didn't realise he was a pro boxer

Intruders run for their lives after breaking into person's house, didn't realise he was a pro boxer

Talk about picking the wrong house...

Two would-be intruders got the fright of their lives when their genius masterplan to break into a house quickly turned into a nightmare.

Unfortunately for the two hopeless criminals, they didn't quite realise exactly whose home they were trying to enter.

Little did they know that they'd broken into a professional boxer's family home, who - rather unsurprisingly - didn't take too kindly to being woken up in the middle of the night.

Aussie Casey Caswell, who boasts a record of 8 wins and 1 loss inside the ring, subsequently chased the two men down the street, leaving them running for their lives.

Dramatic footage has since emerged of the incident from the early hours of Sunday morning.

In the clip posted to Facebook, two people can be seen circling Caswell's Gold Coast property.

With a bright white shiny Range Rover sitting in the front driveway, the pair of crooks probably thought they'd hit the jackpot and began forcing their way into the property.

The footage, also obtained by Channel 9, then jumps to a shirtless man bursting out of his front door before chasing the figures down the street.

Turns out that finely-tuned, tatted-up bloke was talented cruiserweight Caswell.

“Come on you little c**ts,” he can be heard yelling while the men retreated into the darkness.

Fellow Australian boxer Demsey McKean, who is tipped to take on Anthony Joshua next, also shared the CCTV footage of his friend in action.

"Casey doing what any man would do, this is how to deal with low-life rats that try to break into your house," McKean told News Corp.

"Not how Casey Caswell wanted to start his early Sunday morning, no doubt.

"Woke up to see two thieves walking around his car and front property about to jump the fence. So he ran out there and chased them off down the road.

"He didn't catch them and no one was harmed.

"My mate is a professional fighter and an Australasian champion, they picked the wrong house to mess with."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/caseycaswell/Ch9Queensland

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