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Tommy Fury sends terrifying warning to Sidemen member after talking about his daughter

Tommy Fury sends terrifying warning to Sidemen member after talking about his daughter

Tommy Fury has given a stern warning to a Sidemen member.

Tommy Fury has sent a stern warning to a member of Sidemen after he talked about his daughter.

Former Love Island star and boxer Fury replied to Simon(Miniminter) after he mentioned his daughter during a podcast.

Simon said: “It’s just weird seeing like Tommy Fury, this pro boxer that everyone obviously, everyone who was like I know boxing Tommy’s going to win like it’s not going to be close.

“To be that close, Tommy then says how he’s like done with influencer boxing but won’t fight Viddal(Riley) because he won’t sell tickets. So who is he trying to fight?”

He then went on to mention Fury’s daughter, Bambi.

Now, the boxer has responded with a video of his own.

Fury said: “Simon from Sidemen, say whatever you want about your mate KSI who lost.

“But don’t ever mention my daughter’s name again or me and you’s going to have a problem. Keep my child’s name out of your mouth.”

YouTuber turned-boxer KSI has since responded by simplying quote-tweeting Fury's video with the word 'Bambi'

Fury is unbeaten in his boxing career after winning all 10 of his fights, six via decision and four via knockout.

Last time out, the Brit got the better of KSI.

Speaking after the result recently, KSI said: “I stay undefeated, I didn't lose! There's no evidence.

“There's no evidence of Tommy Fury beating me up, show me the footage of Tommy Fury beating me up. You can't! There is none, you can't find it, I win. I beat Tommy Fury. That's right, didn't lose, I won.

“I will fight this year, but, I won’t say who.”

On Fury’s next fight, dad John said: “We will fight anybody out there today if it makes business sense.

“Tommy's 10-0 but he's not won any titles so he's getting paid nothing. It's not worth bothering with. I feel sorry for those starting their professional careers now, 3-0, 4-0 fighters, they're better off doing a job or working. When it takes you six weeks to train, you're working at the same time, you're never going to be at your best.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter@tommytntfury/Sidemen

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