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Anthony Joshua makes feelings very clear on Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight as prediction made

Anthony Joshua makes feelings very clear on Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight as prediction made

The two-time former unified world heavyweight champion has made his prediction.

Anthony Joshua has made his prediction for the much-anticipated exhibition bout between former world champion Mike Tyson and YouTuber Jake Paul.

It was confirmed last month that Tyson will go head-to-head with Paul, who extended his professional record to 9-1 with a first-round victory over Ryan Bourland in Puerto Rico on March 2.

The event will be streamed exclusively on Netflix on Saturday, July 20, 2024 from the 80,000-seat capacity AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas – home of NFL side Dallas Cowboys.

Partnering with Netflix to bring Paul vs Tyson to audiences worldwide has been described as a "strategic decision" to ensure that the event reaches six generations of sports fans.

Tyson commented on the event, saying he was "very much looking forward" to stepping into the ring, but many have expressed concern for the 57-year-old, including former cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew.

“I am worried about it personally, but listen, you don’t know what’s been agreed between the two," Bellew told Spin Bet.

"It’s frightening that Mike Tyson is going back into a boxing ring against somebody who is more than 30 years younger than him. It’s just a bit nuts.

“I’m hoping that the fight is a bit of a circus and a bit scripted because I wouldn’t want to see Mike get hurt in any way shape or form."

So what does Anthony Joshua think about the event? Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, AJ commented on Tyson's age before making his prediction.

“He [Tyson] is older now,” Joshua said. “I pray that he comes out healthy."

He added: “I think Jake Paul [wins] because of youth - that’s the only thing… I personally think [influencer boxing] is really good. I think the boxing hardcores, they don’t like it because they think, ‘Why are they disrespecting our sport?’

“But I think that person brings all these people into boxing which benefits everyone else. Everyone viewing helps.”

Tyson Fury, meanwhile, has thrown his support behind Tyson's much-talked-about return to the sport, and called the upcoming bout against Paul an "even match".

"I think it's fantastic for boxing," he told The Stomping Ground.

"You've got a legend in Mike Tyson. You've got a YouTube boxer [Jake Paul]. He has come into the game and blew it up and he's got millions of followers and millions of views and millions of eyes. Good, bad or indifferent. Some people love him, some people hate him.

"So, I think it's a really good spectacle for boxing. Brings a lot of people to the game."

Fury added: "Listen, who am I to say, 'Oh, Mike Tyson shouldn't be boxing or Jake Paul shouldn't be boxing', good luck to 'em. They're both gonna make what I call a sh*t ton of money out of it. So, isn't that what it's about?"

Featured Image Credit: The Jonathan Ross Show/YouTube - Instagram/jakepaul

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