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Mike Tyson reveals which fight performance he's most proud of during legendary boxing career

Mike Tyson reveals which fight performance he's most proud of during legendary boxing career

Mike Tyson has opened up on his best ever performance throughout his boxing career.

Mike Tyson has revealed which fight was his overall 'best performance' throughout his illustrious boxing career.

Mike Tyson is renowned as one of the most feared fighters in boxing history, characterized as a formidable force who, at the age of 20, became the youngest heavyweight champion ever.

Tyson, who was commonly referred to as 'Iron Mike', swiftly unified all the titles within a year, establishing himself as the dominant figure in boxing during the late 1980s.

His remarkable reign culminated in a historic knockout victory over the previously undefeated Michael Spinks in just 91 seconds, solidifying his status as a legendary figure in the sport at such a young age.

In an interview with Ring Magazine, Tyson recalled his famous victory against Spinks and believes it's his greatest-ever performance.

“The Michael Spinks fight was my best performance, I kept moving forward and threw a couple of great three-punch combinations," Tyson stated.

"When I finally caught him on the ropes, I remember turning southpaw in order to throw my right hand to the body and right uppercut.”

Tyson's reign as heavyweight champion was short-lived. At the age of 23, he faced a monumental upset when 42-1 underdog Buster Douglas scored a shocking 10th-round knockout victory in 1990.

Tyson vs Douglas- Getty
Tyson vs Douglas- Getty

Following his defeat to Buster Douglas, Tyson's life took a downward spiral. His troubles culminated when he was convicted of rape in 1992, leading to a three-year prison sentence.

Tyson also commented on whether he had regretted anything during his career during the interview, and the now 57-year-old gave the one opponent he wished he had the chance to fight.

“I would have liked to fight George Foreman, there have been many fans who wondered who was the bigger puncher," Tyson explained.

"I would have liked to put an end to the discussion – one way or the other.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty and Fox News

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