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Logan Paul reveals real reason why he turned down Mike Tyson fight unlike brother Jake Paul

Logan Paul reveals real reason why he turned down Mike Tyson fight unlike brother Jake Paul

Logan Paul has revealed he also had an offer to fight Mike Tyson but turned down the opportunity despite believing he would win.

Logan Paul has revealed how he thinks a fight between him and Mike Tyson would go, following the announcement that his brother Jake Paul would be taking on the former heavyweight champion later this year.

The announcement of the fight was made last week and the news sent shockwaves through the combat sports world.

One of the more notable details of the fight reveal was the involvement of Netflix, who will stream the event from the AT&T stadium on the 20th of July.

This marks Netflix's first foray into streaming combat sports events, adding to its repertoire as it expands beyond traditional entertainment content.

Following the announcement, both Jake Paul and Mike Tyson have received their fair share of backlash with the huge age difference being the main cause for concern for boxing fans.

When the pair step into the ring Tyson will be 31 years Paul's senior a never-before-seen age disparity at this level of the sport.

Paul's brother Logan has also recently revealed his thoughts on the bout, and defended his brother's decision due to the financial rewards of agreeing to the event.

"For both Mike and Jake... The bag (payday), I mean at what point can you say no," Paul said speaking on his podcast Impaulsive.

However, Paul also revealed he had also had the chance to step in the ring with 'Iron Mike' but turned down the opportunity.

"I said no to fighting Mike Tyson, I mean I was offered yeah I was offered but not on Netflix, and not for a big a** bag. It was just like you know this could be a real fight," Paul sensationally revealed.

The Prime co-owner also had his say on how a fight with Tyson would play out, with the 28-year-old very confident in his chances, despite only winning one of his four fights due to disqualification.

Paul vs Dannis 2023- Getty
Paul vs Dannis 2023- Getty

"I've been asked before and I'm sure you have to (KSI) whether you think you can beat Mike Tyson and my answer was and will be yes, I just think he's too old bro, he's senile," Paul argued.

It is unknown when Logan will step back into the ring following his victory against Dillon Danis, but it is expected if there is a second MISFIT's Prime card Paul would be involved.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix, Impaulsive

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