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John Fury went berserk during explosive rant after Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk weigh-in

John Fury went berserk during explosive rant after Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk weigh-in

John Fury took aim at Tony Bellew following the Tyson Fury vs, Oleksandr Usyk weigh-in.

John Fury WENT OFF after the ceremonial weigh-in between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

Tyson and Usyk clashed during the weigh-in as the Brit tipped the scales at 262lbs while the Ukrainian weighed a career-heavy 233.5lbs.

After weighing in, Tyson stormed off mid-interview as he issued an X-rated final message to his opponent ahead of tomorrow's undisputed showdown.

'Big' John cut an equally fired up character as he called out former world champion Tony Bellew following their exchanges this week.

Bellew took aim at the 59-year-old for headbutting a member of Usyk's team on Monday.

On talkSPORT, he fumed: "It's embarrassing. If my father behaved like that in a press conference, I would put him straight and tell him.

"It's embarrassing and it can't be happening - it's a really bad look for boxing."

Well, John caught wind off Bellew's comments and fired back in an astonishing rant following the weigh-in for the undisputed bout.

The former boxer claimed the 41-year-old got beat by Michael Gomez, saying: "Bellew got his ass handed to him by a bantamweight when he was young called Michael Gomez.

"Michael Gomez flattened him," he added.

John continued: "Listen, let them men do what they do... they're YouTubers. They like talking behind a camera.

"If they want to come and see me... I'm here... and I'm ready... and I'm stepping back from no man no matter who they are."

He apologised for headbutting a member of Usyk's team following widespread condemnation by fans and critics alike.

Like Bellew, Carl Froch slammed the WBC champion's father.

"Nobody is calling it out, but that’s why I’m here. John Fury is a disgrace," he exclaimed. "What he’s doing is bringing boxing into disrepute. It’s disgusting and terrible that people watching this fight, there’ll be young kids, trying to get into the sport.

"The attention it’s bringing to the sport. You’ve got John Fury, big idiot, headbutting somebody from the other team and thinking it’s OK."

Featured Image Credit: TNT Sports

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