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John Fury pulled out of cage after attempting to hit KSI

John Fury pulled out of cage after attempting to hit KSI

Tommy Fury will fight KSI in Manchester on Saturday

John Fury was pulled out from inside the cage after he attempted to hit KSI.

Ahead of this Saturday’s fight between Tommy Fury and KSI, the pair were put in a cage on the stage during the pre-fight press conference.

After the pair exchanged words, John entered the cage and attempted to hit KSI but was unable to reach the YouTube sensation due to a barrier.

John went on to punch and head-but the plastic screen. You can watch the footage below.

On Wednesday, John and KSI were also involved in an angry altercation during the open workout.

As the head of the Fury clan threw an object towards KSI, the latter appeared to spit towards the 59-year-old.

Reacting to the incident, Tommy said: “These YouTubers have got loads of kids that look up to them, admire them, and think they're role models. Yet you've got KSI spitting at a man who's twice his age.

“You should respect your elders, but it shows how the world's going when kids are looking up to people like that, spitting over a balcony.”

He continued: “If that had landed on his forehead, everyone would have been going down until my dad got to KSI, no-one could stop him, he'd had hit everyone in his path, that would have been awful. He has no class, no professionalism, it's a scruffy thing to do.

“That shows what his mental state is, he's mentally gone. I think I've really got into his head because most of his opponents go back and forth and play to his games but silence is golden and that's all he's had out of me all camp, and it's confused him. He can't get my name out of his mouth, he keeps talking but I haven't played to his game and his a*** is going. He's only got three days and he's in for it.”

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Featured Image Credit: DAZN

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