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Jake Paul makes bold prediction for himself and girlfriend Jutta Leerdam after Mike Tyson fight

Jake Paul makes bold prediction for himself and girlfriend Jutta Leerdam after Mike Tyson fight

Paul has made an ambitious claim.

Jake Paul has made an ambitious prediction over where he sees himself and girlfriend Jutta Leerdam after he fights Mike Tyson in July.

Paul will take on Tyson in one of the most anticipated fights in modern boxing history on July 20, with the action going down in Arlington, Texas.

The rules of the fight are yet to be determined, although Paul has denied claims that both fighters will be wearing headgear and 18oz gloves.

It is also yet to be decided whether the bout will have exhibition or professional standing, with that due to be decided by the Texas commission.

Many people from inside and outside of the boxing world have had their say on how the fight could go.

Paul's girlfriend, the speed skating star and 2022 Winter Olympics silver medalist Jutta Leerdam, has given her verdict, stating that she thinks Paul will win but is concerned about the possibility of her partner being knocked out by 'Iron Mike'.

Now, 'The Problem Child' has made an ambitious prediction for the sporting couple after his fight against Tyson is over.

Leerdam appeared alongside her partner on the latest 'BS with Jake Paul' podcast, in which she told viewers that she holds the sea-level world record for speed skating at 1000 metres, which she set at the 2023 Dutch Sprint Championships.

Paul replied: "I'm so proud of you. I think it is cool.

"I was thinking about it the other day. At the time you go to the Winter Olympics in two years, that is when I am going to be fighting for a world championship.

"We both could potentially be world champions. Number one in the world together, and I think that might just be the first couple to do that."

Although there is history of sporting couples winning world titles at the same time, it certainly is a rare feat - and would be an incredible one should Paul and Leerdam be able to achieve it in two years' time.

But while Leerdam will enter the 2026 Winter Olympics as one of the favourites to win the 500 and 1000 metre categories, Paul will need to continue pushing on, should he beat Tyson, to earn a world title shot.

Featured Image Credit: BS with Jake Paul / Getty

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