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Boxing fans stunned after hearing what Mike Tyson called Jake Paul during Fox News interview

Boxing fans stunned after hearing what Mike Tyson called Jake Paul during Fox News interview

Mike Tyson is set to fight Jake Paul on July 20.

Boxing fans have been left stunned by what Mike Tyson called Jake Paul during an interview with Fox News.

On July 20, Tyson will come out of retirement and take on Paul at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

When confirming the fight, Paul wrote on social media: “Whether you're tuning in on Netflix or showing out in person, whether you're team Paul or team Tyson, or whether you're a lifelong boxing fan or watching your first fight, you're not going to want to miss this event.

“I could not be more excited to make this amazing fight available to all Netflix subscribers alongside the hardest hitter of all time, Mike Tyson, on Saturday, July 20th.

“My sights are set on becoming a world champion, and now I have a chance to prove myself against the greatest heavyweight champion of the world, the baddest man on the planet and the most dangerous boxer of all time. Time to put Iron Mike to sleep.”

Ahead of the bout, Tyson confirmed the rules of the fight during an interview with Fox News.

The 57-year-old said: “This is called an exhibition, but if you look up exhibition, you will not see any of the laws that we are fighting under, this is a fight.

“I don’t think he’s faster than me. I’ve seen a YouTube of him at 16 doing weird dances, that’s not the guy I’m going to be fighting.”

When asked if he wants to teach Paul a lesson, Tyson said: “I will do just that but dislike him? No, I don’t have a grudge against him. He’s beautiful.”

Reacting on social media, one fan said: “Why did blud randomly call him "beautiful" at the end…”

Another tweeted: “He thinks that he's beautiful.”

A third fan added: “Hahaha why is he randomly calling Jake beautiful at the end.”

Speaking about Paul, he added: “This guy’s gonna come, he’s gonna try and hurt me which I’m accustomed to and he’s gonna be greatly mistaken.

“Right now, I’m scared to death but as the fight gets closer, the less nervous I become because it’s reality, and in reality, I’m invincible.”

Featured Image Credit: Fox News/Netflix

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