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Jake Paul's girlfriend Jutta Leerdam gives her prediction for Mike Tyson fight in front of him

Jake Paul's girlfriend Jutta Leerdam gives her prediction for Mike Tyson fight in front of him

Paul and Leerdam both gave their honest views of the Tyson fight.

Jake Paul's girlfriend Jutta Leerdam gave her prediction for his upcoming fight against Mike Tyson - and shared her biggest fear ahead of the bout.

Leerdam, a Dutch speed skater who won a silver medal in the 1000 metre category at the 2022 Winter Olympics, has been in a relationship with 'The Problem Child' since April 2023.

Since then, Paul has beaten MMA star Nate Diaz and professional boxers Andre August and Ryan Bourland to extend his professional record to 9-1.

Now, the YouTuber will take on Mike Tyson in Arlington, Texas on July 20, in what is one of the most eagerly-anticipated fights of the modern era.

Many figures from the boxing world have given their take on how proceedings will go, with numerous people backing 57-year-old heavyweight boxing legend Tyson to get the job done.

There are some, though, that believe 'Iron Mike' will have to knock out Paul early in order to win - with Paul's age advantage perhaps giving him favourable odds as the fight wears on.

Now, Paul's girlfriend has had her say on the fight during a guest appearance on the 'BS with Jake Paul' podcast, while sitting alongside her partner.

And while Leerdam predicts Paul will win the fight, she gave a brutal verdict on her biggest fear ahead of July 20.

She said: "I think you're going to win. But he's the most scary. For me, if I look at him, he's just scary, he's super strong.

"He's a little bit older now, but if you're still able to do that, your body remembers that. You've got that power forever.

"Also, one thing about Jake, he's been doing this for five years. I think that is worse than being almost 60 and having your whole life... like you're used to that power, you've trained so much that your body will remember that. He [Tyson] has had so many years of training.

"Jake didn't even train five years ago. He didn't do anything - he was just partying. That's not even comparable.

"He is 57, he's strong, his body just remembers how to fight. Jake's only been doing this for a few years.

"If someone started a few years ago with speed skating, they couldn't participate in a world championship [by now] - that's not even possible. What Jake is doing is already crazy."

Later in the podcast, when the pair were shown Tyson's training footage, Leerdam asked: "What if he knocks you out? That would not be good."

Paul replied: "Woah! Just look away... just look away."

Tyson vs Paul takes place at the AT&T Arena in Arlington, Texas, on July 20.

Featured Image Credit: BS with Jake Paul / Netflix

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