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Jake Paul sends chilling warning to Mike Tyson and threatens to use dirtiest move in reference to infamous incident

Jake Paul sends chilling warning to Mike Tyson and threatens to use dirtiest move in reference to infamous incident

Jake Paul has fired back with a warning to Mike Tyson ahead of their fight on July 20.

Jake Paul has sent a chilling warning to Mike Tyson and made a huge threat for the July 20 clash.

The pair are squaring off in a huge heavyweight bout at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, with the whole event being shown live on Netflix.

For Tyson it will be his first fight since his 2020 exhibition with Roy Jones Jr, though it could well be his first professional encounter in 19 years if approval is given by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.

9-1 Paul is stepping into the ring with one of the boxing greats but the Problem Child is still in a confident mood.

He's been hyping up the fight on social media and made a brave taunt to Tyson on Instagram.

The YouTuber-turner-boxer showed off training footage but it was the caption on Instagram where the damage was done.

Paul wrote: "I’m gonna bite your ear off Mikey," - clearly referencing Tyson's infamous bite on Evander Holyfield in 1997.

It followed on from Paul doing a ear-biting skit and even recreating Tyson's iconic picture with his tiger.

Tyson has been putting out content of his own, however and over on SnapChat, posted a picture of him getting put through his paces with the caption: "Everyone has a plan 'till they..." - a nod to one of his most memorable quotes about getting punched in the face.

He also shared a snap of him hitting the pads with trainer Rafael Cordeiro, with the text: "All eyes on me".

Cordeiro has predicted that Paul will feel Tyson's "heavy hands" but the 27-year-old sounds like he welcomes it.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

"Mike, I really want to see, bro," Paul said on his BS podcast.

"Let’s see all the legends, the myths because you’re Iron Mike Tyson, but I have an iron chin, people know that. I take shots.

“I think people are underestimating me being able to deal with his power, and that’s something that’s going to make it interesting.

“I am biting off a lot. This is definitely the toughest, most savage, lethal opponent regardless of age because power is the last thing to go."

Featured Image Credit: Jake Paul

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