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Conor McGregor picks who he'd fight out of Jake Paul, KSI and Tommy Fury

Conor McGregor picks who he'd fight out of Jake Paul, KSI and Tommy Fury

McGregor previously called out KSI after his defeat to Tommy Fury.

Conor McGregor has given his two cents on who he would fight out of KSI, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury as he continues to tease a possible return to the ring.

Back in October, after Tommy Fury picked up a majority decision win over KSI, former UFC lightweight champion McGregor opened the door to an "exciting" fight with the British YouTube personality.

Taking to social media, he said: ''Ya know what. Me and KSI is an exciting fight. A juicy nixer I used to call them back when I was a plumber now I’m on the lambo yacht he’s in a huracan.''

Rumours over a potential fight have been rife since but on Thursday, McGregor appeared to welcome a match-up with KSI during the premiere of his debut Hollywood film Road House.

Speaking to YouTube channel Sneak Peek, McGregor was asked if a fight with KSI or Jake Paul was still possible.

“Yeah you know, the YouTube nerds could be like, I would consider that a nixer,” he said.

“Your Uncle’s friend needs a f****** radiator fitted in his house, so you’ll do a side job, and get side pay.

“I would consider them guys to be 'nixers'. If I was to pick one out of them, I would say KSI, he has a big name in the U.K.”

McGregor also gave his thoughts on the upcoming exhibition bout between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson.

“The Pauls… That [Mike] Tyson fight is just a strange one to me, I hope Tyson takes his nose off," he continued.

“I’m sure at some stage [I’ll end up fighting one of them], I’m sure at some stage. You know, we’ll go through all of these guys.

“[Tommy] Fury called me out yesterday, and he beat Jake and he fought KSI so it’s just like another little world isn’t it?”

“I’m open to it.” McGregor added. “I’ll never say no, I’ll never say no.”

Shortly after the Paul vs Tyson fight was announced, the unbeaten Tommy Fury called out McGregor.

After saying he's looking forward to making a return, Fury added: "I'm looking to get this injury out the way nice and recovered and I have just seen that Jake Paul will face Mike Tyson next.

"So how about me and McGregor next, how's that? I need a comeback fight and I'd like for my return. So McGregor, get in touch."

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images - Sneak Peek/YouTube

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