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Mike Tyson Dresses Up As A Bee For Jimmy Kimmel's TV Show

Mike Tyson Dresses Up As A Bee For Jimmy Kimmel's TV Show

He looks so happy!

Mike Tyson, a bloke once regarded as 'The Baddest Man on the Planet', has left fans in stitches by dressing up as a bee.

Before appearing on the popular television show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Iron Mike posted a video of himself on social media donning an adorable bee costume.

He also had a cheeky little dance to go with his look too.

"I'm feeling beautiful, beautiful, beautiful," he sings.

Out of all the things you'd see today, did you expect it'd be boxing royalty Mike Tyson dancing around dressed as a cute bee?

Didn't think so.

The video on Iron Mike's Instagram has already racked up a huge amount of likes in such a short space of time too.

It's a very different look from what we're probably all used to seeing.

During the height of his decorated boxing career, Tyson was considered one of the scariest men walking the face of the earth.

Inside the ring, he was just ferocious.

Not only did a possess explosive power in his hands, but just looking into his eyes ahead of a bout was frightening enough.

A true physical specimen.

Mike Tyson.
PA Images

And outside the ring, his controversies are pretty well documented, although he just had this aura about him which ultimately propelled him into superstardom.

Oh, and he wasn't afraid to speak his mind either, clashing with opponents, fans and even members of the media on multiple occasions in legendary moments which have now become boxing folklore.

But even after hanging up the gloves, the now-55-year-old still has an undeniable presence.

Whether it be his cameo television and movie appearances, his exhibition boxing matches or even launching his own podcast, people will still pay to see the big man in action.

So, with all that being said, to witness him living his best life in a bee costume makes for pretty wholesome viewing

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/miketyson

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