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Jake Paul Suggests Embarrassing Instagram Name Change Bet With Hasim Rahman Jr

Jake Paul Suggests Embarrassing Instagram Name Change Bet With Hasim Rahman Jr

The internet sensation wanted more on the line than just pride ahead of their pair's bout at Madison Square Garden.

Jake Paul wants to put more than just pride on the line in his upcoming fight against Hasim Rahman Jr.

The internet sensation has suggested the pair put a wager on for the August 6 boxing match, with the loser having to change their Instagram name. 

The pair will go up against each other at the iconic Madison Square Garden next month in an eight-round contest.

Both men squared off at a press conference to help promote the fight and, as you can probably imagine, there was fireworks.

Always a man to want to increase the stakes, Paul asked Rahman if he wanted to put on a $500,000 wager with the spoils going to the winner.

Paul offered: “Let’s make a bet right now.”

Rahman replied: “I’m not about to bet no money. I don’t bet money.”

“Broke ass – let’s bet this: When I beat you, you have to change your Instagram name to ‘I let my dad down,’” Paul said.

“Jake — I’m not entertaining you. Focus on Aug. 6. This ain’t about no bet. This is about you,” Rahman responded.

However, Rahman pondered and seemed to entertain the idea of the bet, asking Paul what he would change his Instagram name to.

Paul replied: “You pick, I don’t give a f***.”

Rahman said: “I don’t have time to be playing with you. We ain’t going to be playing on Aug. 6.”

It appears Paul wasn’t playing with the bet either and has already created the Instagram account for Hasim, with the bio stating: “Sorry dad. I can never live up to your legacy. Jake Paul knocked me out.”


Mind games are in full swing.

Hasim Rahman Jr is the son of a heavyweight boxer who actually knocked out Lennox Lewis in 2001, and has shared the ring with legends such as Evander Holyfield and Wladimir Klitschko. 

Hasim Rahman Snr retired in 2014, three years before his son made his boxing debut.

Rahman Jr has gone on to win his first 12 professional fights, however, suffered his first defeat in his most recent match to James McKenzie Morrison.

He now gets the PPV chance of a lifetime against Jake Paul, filling in as a replacement for Tommy Fury who wasn’t allowed access into the United States.

As the press conference wrapped up, Paul once again took aim at Rahman, in true Jake Paul fashion.

Paul yelled: “He don’t want to make the bet. He’s all tough. Look at those big old arms. He’s so big and strong, he’s going to knock me out, I haven’t fought nobody, but he won’t make the f****** bet. P**** motherf****** right here.”

Featured Image Credit: ShowtimeBoxing.

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