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Jake Paul Posts 22-Minute Video Mocking Tommy Fury, Girlfriend Molly-Mae And Dad John

Jake Paul Posts 22-Minute Video Mocking Tommy Fury, Girlfriend Molly-Mae And Dad John

The video hasn't been live on YouTube for very long and it has already racked up a huge amount of views.

The mental warfare has already begun.

Jake Paul has posted a clip where he rips into his upcoming opponent Tommy Fury, with Tommy's girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague and his father John also in the firing line.

The video hasn't been live on YouTube for very long and it has already racked up a huge amount of views.

After months of back-and-forth, Paul and Fury will finally get to settle their differences inside the ring on August 6th at Madison Square Garden.

Even during the lead-up to their first proposed bout, which was cancelled after Fury withdrew with injury, there was plenty of bad blood with both men exchanging pleasantries at any opportunity they got.

Well, now we will finally get to see the pair fight, it seems.

But before all that can happen, the mind games have already started coming into play with Paul making the first move.

In a new video titled 'The Biggest Risk Of My Career', the YouTuber-turned-boxer doesn't hold back as he mocks his rival as well as his family members.

Playing the role of Tommy himself, Jake recreates the moment the former Love Island contestant finds out he was fighting 'The Problem Child'.

"You're not a p***y, you're not a p***y mate," Jake, playing Tommy, says while flexing in the mirror.

"You're gonna be Jake Paul. Looks at these muscles.

"I'm not just the little brother of Tyson Fury."

The scene also features a girl wearing a blonde wig - believed to be Jake's partner - depicting Tommy's girlfriend Molly-Mae by taking a selfie and editing a photograph.

But when 'Tommy' tells 'Molly-Mae' the exciting news that he's going to be fighting the real Jake Paul, Molly-Mae simply reacts by shutting her boyfriend down and asking him to take a picture of her.

YouTube/Jake Paul
YouTube/Jake Paul
YouTube/Jake Paul

She asks: "Does that mean you are finally going to help me with the bills Tommy?"

Paul, playing Tommy, then says: "I won't be an embarrassment any more."

The couple then take a selfie, with Molly-Mae captioning it: "#NeverAsGoodAsTyson."

As the scene progresses, a burglar then bizarrely enters their home, with a scared 'Tommy' hiding behind Molly-Mae.

"This is a robbery! Give me all your makeup," the robber yells.

To which 'Molly-Mae replies: "No, not my makeup!"

But the robber didn't mean her.

"Not yours b***h, his," he says.

The spoof then concludes, but Paul wasn't done with spraying Fury's extended family.

The 'Problem Child' then refers to an article about Tommy's dad John and his criminal past.

"I think he should go back to jail. He got knocked the f**k out, roll the clips," Paul says.

Old footage of John getting knocked back in 1990s then plays.

"So this is what I see from the family," Paul adds.

"Tyson Fury is a giant, he's heavy, he's f**king fast, he's athletic, he's strong. He's a legit f**king... one of the greatest champions of all time – respect to Tyson Fury.

"I had no problems with Tyson Fury until obviously we started our s**t talk back and forth. Things got personal, whatever, so be it.

"I respect Tyson Fury, regardless of all of that. The problem is that Tyson Fury's dad John is living vicariously through his son, because his boxing career was s**t.

"He never had anything, he was a bum. So now you have this family where there's only really one real superstar, money maker, successful fighter.

"So basically Tommy thinks he's just as good of a fighter as Tyson and I'm going to expose that, August 6."

We've already seen the mind games get the better of Big John when he lashed out at Paul during a virtual press conference last year, taking aim at Paul's girlfriend with a pretty vile comment.

This time, we shall have to see if the Fury clan issue a response of their own to this latest video.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Jake Paul

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