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Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Cody Rhodes' Return At WrestleMania Will Give You Chills

Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Cody Rhodes' Return At WrestleMania Will Give You Chills

The WWE have released some incredible footage showing just how much planning went into Rhodes' sensational comeback.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Cody Rhodes is back in the WWE and he made his emotional return to the promotion at WrestleMania 38.

Rhodes famously, or rather infamously, left the WWE back in 2015 to join rival company AEW where he went on to become executive vice president.

The split was pretty ugly to say the least with various verbal pleasantries being exchanged by both parties throughout the break-up.

But now, seven years later, 'American Nightmare' Rhodes has made his comeback and has proved once and for all that he's the main event draw that he always said he was.

And when it came to doing the business in the ring, he certainly didn't disappoint as Rhodes defeated age-old rival Triple H's protege Seth Rollins.

He even paid homage to his WWE Hall of Famer father Dusty Rhodes by putting his legendary signature moves to use on Rollins as 77,000 fans inside Dallas AT&T Stadium erupted.

There's no denying it was a triumphant second coming and one that will live long in the memories of wrestling fans for a long, long time.

Once the dust had settled after a thrilling WrestleMania event, the WWE released some behind-the-scenes footage showing just how much planning went into Rhodes' comeback.

In the short clip, Rhodes can be seen embracing his wife backstage before gearing up to make his grand entrance.

He meticulously makes sure that his outfit is perfect, all while looking very calm and collected the entire time.

The footage then shows how he makes his floating entrance with Rhodes climbing into a large lift-type which slowly elevates him onto the main stage while his theme song plays in the background.

On camera and in person, the entrance looked unreal, so the video showing how it was all done made for pretty cool viewing.

In the wake of his sensational return, Rhodes told the media about how his first meeting with Triple H unfolded.

"We did speak and I think Triple H did it in such a Triple H fashion," Rhodes said.

"Everybody had come on the bus to say hello, to talk a little bit about what may happen - the very last one was Triple H and, ooo... [starts getting emotional].

"My former assistant from AEW came as a friend and he knows the world's worst kept secret that Hunter is my favourite wrestler. That was a really... Jeez [wipes tears], this has been a wild, tear-filled weekend but that was just a good moment.

"Also to see him healthy. I know retirement came as it did, but to be able to do him justice; not only to see my favourite wrestler that I wanted to model so many things after, but Seth being his protege.

"And to give some of his fans service and perhaps moments for them and also Triple H. We as wrestlers, we're all marks and fans, even at the highest level which he has been. That was really touching."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/WWE

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