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Aussie TV Host Goes On Wild Rant About Ash Barty Drinking Beer At The Australian Open

Max Sherry

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Aussie TV Host Goes On Wild Rant About Ash Barty Drinking Beer At The Australian Open

Former TV star James Mathison has gone on a bizarre rant about Ash Barty celebrating her Australian Open victory by having a beer.

World No.1 Barty defeated Danielle Collins to become the first Aussie to win an Australian Open singles title in 44 years.

So to celebrate the historic moment, Barty cracked open a cold one while conducting her post-match interviews.

And given the fact she had vowed to hold off on any form of alcohol consumption until after the tournament had finished, the taste of victory would have been even sweeter for Ash.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

To most viewers, her courtside Corona was a fairly innocuous act - in fact, a lot of people actually loved seeing it.

However, one bloke just couldn't help but use the opportunity to have a dig at the tennis champion online.

"Our glorification and glamorisation of alcohol in this country is normalised to the point where we can't even celebrate success without booze on live TV. It's bizarre," ex-Australian Idol host Mathison tweeted.

"Imagine if this was in Canada and the broadcaster hoisted a joint onto their new champion?"

Unsurprisingly, Mathison's wild claims were met with some pretty heavy backlash on social media.

But rather than back off off, he then decided to double down on his viewpoint.

Mathison added: "I think I was trying to highlight how booze, which has enormous health, economic and family impacts get lionised yet all other 'drugs', many less harmful are maligned."

But he was far from done there, spending most of his Tuesday morning replying to anyone who dared question him.

"A lot of people learning that alcohol is indeed, a drug," Mathison tweeted.

"This is not an attack on Ash who I adore and is an incredible role model. Chanel 9 foisted the beer on her. This is about our lionisation of alcohol and how that seeps into everything.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

"The Cincinnati Bengals celebrated the win yesterday with cigars. Did the interviewer light one up for them on the panel? Would we be cool with that? It's legal, adults can enjoy cigars responsibly, what's the problem?

"It starts early. At 21 when we have to "skull a yardy" to "why aren't you drinking" every time you decline. Yes adults can enjoy a drink responsibly. I have plenty of times. But we can also have a conversation about it's all pervasive role in society.

"My question is more should a TV network be pushing her to have a drink after we've just watched her epic win with the kids? Some think otherwise, that's all.

"They brought booze along, that's their prerogative. I'm not having a good at the players, I'm having a go at a tv network and a culture that freaks out about drug use but actively encourages this.

"I was watching this live with this kids. I'm not having go at the the players, I'm having a go at a tv network and a culture that freaks out about "drug use" but actively encourages this."

Just a reminder, Mathison once hosted an Australian television show called 'Drunk History'...

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Channel 9

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Max Sherry
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