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O.J. Simpson Roasts Antonio Brown For Mid-Game Meltdown

O.J. Simpson Roasts Antonio Brown For Mid-Game Meltdown

This is O.J. Simpson dishing out advice here – he's not exactly squeaky clean himself, remember.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Antonio Brown is no longer a Buccaneer.

The Super Bowl-winning wide receiver had a complete and utter meltdown during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' NFL game against the New York Jets yesterday, resulting in him being booted off the team.

Brown has received a ton of criticism from NFL fans, experts and ex-players alike - even O.J. Simpson decided the chime in.

"Playoffs are coming up," Simpson said.

"And you pull this crap on a guy who really went out on a limb for you? It's total B.S. Inexcusable."

I mean, he's probably spot on with his comments.

But just remember, this is O.J. Simpson dishing out advice here - he's not exactly squeaky clean himself.

Either way, it seems AB has managed to land himself in hot water once again, leaving him technically unemployed.


During the middle of the game, the controversial star threw a temper tantrum and proceeded to remove his jersey and pads on the sideline.

He then ran down the tunnel, giving the spectators a wave goodbye on his way out.

It comes just a few weeks after Brown was suspended from the NFL for allegedly faking his Covid-19 vaccination card.

But it turns out this deep-seated issue between Brown and the Bucs staff goes far beyond that.

"Midway through the game yesterday, Bruce Arians and the offensive staff told Antonio Brown to go into the game. They believed that he was healthy," NFL insider Ian Rapoport said.

"Antonio Brown did not believe he was healthy. He had been battling an ankle injury for the last several weeks.

"What he told the staff, from what I understand, is that he was not going into the game because, in his mind, he did not feel he was healthy.

"The response then from the offensive coaches and from Bruce Arians was: 'If you are not going to go into the game when we tell you to go into the game, then you cannot be here.'

"At that point, they threw him off the sidelines and then cut him from the team."

For Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, it's a serious blow to their Super Bowl hopes, especially with fellow wide receiver Chris Godwin out injured.

As for AB, he's now without a team after being at four teams in the space of three seasons.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Twitter/@TheRealOJ32

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