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UFC Legend Ronda Rousey Goes To Town On Simone Biles Critics

UFC Legend Ronda Rousey Goes To Town On Simone Biles Critics

One person in particular called Biles a "selfish sociopath" and a "shame to the country".

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

UFC legend Ronda Rousey has jumped to the defence of Simone Biles after the gymnastics queen was forced to withdraw from the women's team final in Tokyo.

Biles - who is arguably the greatest gymnast of all-time - pulled out of the main event after her very first vault, citing mental health concerns.

The 24-year-old admits she doesn't "trust herself as much" as she used to and therefore made the decision to withdraw.

Simone Biles.

Unfortunately, Biles' tough call was met with a barrage of vile abuse from fans who slammed her for 'turning her back on the team' and 'giving up'.

In particular, Charlie Kirk called her a "selfish sociopath" and a "shame to the country".

"We are raising a generation of weak people like Simone Biles," he said on his radio station.

Former UFC champion Rousey wasn't onboard with the idea of kicking her compatriot while she was down and immediately fired back at the harsh critics.

"Everyone judging Simone Biles doesn't know their foot from their a**hole when it comes to being in her position," Rousey wrote on Twitter.

"She's on the Olympic team while you're on Twitter. Whatever is going on cannot be grasped from outside. She's doing the absolute best she can given the situation she's in."

Ronda Rousey.

Others were also quick to chime in, condemning the keyboard warriors for bombarding Biles with abuse on social media.

But while some went to town on the sleuths, others took to the time to praise Biles for her brave decision - a call that could ultimately impact Biles' ambitions of equalling Larisa Latynina's all-time women's record of nine Olympic golds.

"I can't imagine the pressure Simone has been feeling," retired figure skater Adam Rippon said.

"Sending her SO much love. It easy to forget she's still human. WE LOVE YOU."

The United States quartet ended up losing the team event to the Russians, who clinched gold for the first time since the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

As for Biles, she's yet to confirm whether she's officially withdrawing from the rest of the Games too.

"I have to do what's right for me and focus on my mental health and not jeopardise my health and my wellbeing," Biles said.

"I just don't trust myself as much as I used to, and I don't know if it's age. I'm a little bit more nervous when I do gymnastics," she admitted.

"I feel like I'm also not having as much fun, and I know that this Olympic Games, I wanted it to be for myself," she said, as she began to cry, and she was comforted by her teammates.

"It just sucks that it happens here at the Olympics Games. With the year that it's been, I'm really not surprised the way it played out."

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