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Former AFL Star Tom Rockliff Spat At During AFL Clash

Former AFL Star Tom Rockliff Spat At During AFL Clash

It was a disappointing first experience as a fan since his retirement.

Ryan Rosendale

Ryan Rosendale

This is disappointing news whichever way you look at it.

Former Port Adelaide player Tom Rockliff has revealed Carlton supporters spit in his direction following Sunday's clash with the Power at the MCG.

Rockliff retired at the end of 2021 season, following a career that began at Brisbane, and attended the game with his son Jack and said he's "very hesitant" to attend another AFL game as a spectator following the incident.

It was the first time the 208-game midfielder had attended an AFL match as a spectator in 16 years - and his first in the outer alongside his son.

"What a way to be let down," Rockliff wrote on Twitter. "Carlton supporters spitting at me when I am walking home with my son is not on.

"Passion is great but let's remember it's sport."

Rockliff then spoke to, to elaborate on the incident.

"I was cheering hard for Port Adelaide - you can probably hear it in my voice, my voice is gone - and I probably pushed the boundary (with my banter)," Rockliff told

"I've got no issue with anything that gets said. But after it's said and done and you walk out getting spat at, it's pretty disrespectful - not only to me, but it leaves a sour taste in my son's mouth as well.

"I've always been at the footy and he's been up in the stands with his mother watching and the first opportunity that I got to take him to the MCG - the colosseum of AFL footy - and for him to leave with that experience is really disappointing.

"It's not Carlton's fault, to be honest, just those specific supporters that thought it was a good idea. They were very quiet in the second half but wanted to have a crack after the game, which is disappointing.

"They were very verbal inside the ground (during the first half) and I just covered up my son's ears, but when you get a little saliva spat at you - whether it was deliberate or not, I would say it was deliberate and whoever it was would say it wasn't deliberate - it's not a great feeling."

Rockliff said he felt compelled to speak about the incident because he wanted everyone to be able to have a positive experience at the football.

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