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Drake Won TWO Of His Huge Bitcoin Super Bowl Bets, He Made Loads Of Money

Drake Won TWO Of His Huge Bitcoin Super Bowl Bets, He Made Loads Of Money

Drake put a LOAD of money on the line for the Super Bowl and it paid off!



By Tom Wood

Drake has already made a huge amount of cash back after laying down $1.3 million on Super Bowl bets.

The rapper tipped the Los Angeles Rams to triumph over the Cincinnati Bengals, meaning he has cashed in a significant amount on that punt already.

He also backed Rams' star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to score a touchdown at any time, which he promptly went right ahead and did in the first quarter.

That means that Drake - real name Aubrey Drake Graham - has made $1,075,000 back on his initial bet and recouped a significant amount of his stake.

Not bad going.


Perhaps confusingly for some, given that Drake is obviously absolutely loaded, he hasn't laid down actual cash for these wagers, choosing to follow the style of the moment and placing his bets in Bitcoin.

In total, if both his bets come in, he stands to make $2.29 million, which wouldn't be a bad result for an evening of sport.

The Rams are favourites to win Super Bowl LVI, which is taking place at the SoFi Stadium in California.

He'll also probably get a kick out of the half-time show, which features performances from fellow rappers Eminem, Dr Dre, and Snoop Dogg.

Something to look forward to, even if you're not an American Football fan.

Drake even managed to get a response from the subject of one of his bets, as when he shared the online betting slips on Instagram, writing 'all bets are in on the family', OBJ himself responded: "It's time."


It certainly was, as the LA Rams shot into an early lead over their AFC opponents.

Over on his own Instagram account, Odell backed up his claims about winning the game, writing: "I play the game to win...I'm not losing! 1 more."

Former Cleveland Browns and New York Giants star Beckham Jr. is also in on the cryptocurrency wave as well, having agreed to have his salary paid in Bitcoin when he joined the Rams during this season.

Unfortunately for him, the value tanked briefly for a while there after he signed, though it has recovered now and it currently stands at around $42,000 per coin.

If you're planning to stay up late watching the game, spare a thought for Drake if things start to get a bit tight down the stretch.

Still, even if he loses, he's not short of a couple of quid.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Alamy

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