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Chaos In College Football Game As Both Teams Run Onto The Field Before The Final Play Is Over

Chaos In College Football Game As Both Teams Run Onto The Field Before The Final Play Is Over

The Western Michigan player had to bob and weave his way through the Ball State band and bench after they thought they'd won the game.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

It's one of those videos that you have to re-watch a couple of times in order to truly grasp what on earth is happening.

But there's good reason why footage of this final play in a college football game has gone viral - well, because it's absolutely mental.

The score was locked at 30-27 in the fourth quarter of the clash between Ball State and Western Michigan.

And with one play remaining in the game, Western Michigan had the opportunity to snatch a late victory - although it looked very unlikely.

To win, they simply needed to score.

And, well, if you watch the insane video you can start to see why the events that unfolded have been viewed by millions of sports fanatics on social media.

With just six seconds left on the clock, Western Michigan were well and truly praying for a miracle if they stood any chance of getting the ball into the end zone - which was about 50 yards down the other end of the field, by the way.

The ball was snapped and the Western Michigan quarterback threw a short pass to his receiver.

But with a wall of Ball State players blocking his path, the receiver threw a wild lateral pass to one of his teammates.

What followed was a number of lateral pass but with no yard gain - only a gradual loss as the clock eventually ticked over into overtime.

But the tired legs soon gave in a pass from the quarterback himself resulted in the ball hitting the deck.

The game was done, surely?

Ball State initially looked like they had recovered possession which resulted in their entire bench being cleared as the players and band rushed onto the field to celebrate.

But happened next hasn't been seen at collegiate or professional level in a long, long time.

To put it simply, the contest wasn't over.

Western Michigan somehow regained possession of the football and charged towards the end zone.

Bobbing a weaving past all of the extra bodies, the Western Michigan offence somehow managed to cross the line and score a last-minute touchdown.

But the drama wasn't over just yet.

In the dying embers of the game, the officials overturned the touchdown after spotting an illegal forward pass amid the chaotic scenes.

It meant Ball State was handed the victory.

The crazy moment brought back flashbacks of the famous incident between Cal and Stanford back in 1982 where the band and fans swarmed the field before the play was over - an incident dubbed 'The Play'.

Fans on social media had a field day, of course, with this sequence of events between Ball State and Western Michigan.

While some flocked to the comments section of SportsCenter's video to tag their friends, others mocked up countless memes in an attempt to express how they were feeling after witnessing such an insane end to a game.

Featured Image Credit: SportsCenter

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