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The Inspired Unemployed Lads Have Released A Video Ripping Into UFC Fans And It's Pure Genius

Max Sherry


The Inspired Unemployed Lads Have Released A Video Ripping Into UFC Fans And It's Pure Genius

We all know someone who fancies themselves as a bit of a mixed martial arts expert while watching the UFC down at your local pub.

Well, the Inspired Unemployed lads clearly know that certain somebody too and have released a new video which perfectly sums it up.

And there's a familiar face who makes a brilliant cameo appearance right at the end.

The Inspired Unemployed have become household names Down Under with their videos racking up millions of views on social media.

Their hilarious clips of everyday moments hit the nail on the head and seem to resonate with almost everyone who watches them.

But for anyone who has been subject to the torture of having their ear chewed off by their mate who is now a so-called MMA die-hard after watching one UFC event, then this latest video will give you a tickle.

In the video posted online, one of the Inspired Unemployed guys can be seen pulling out all sorts of crazy jiu-jitsu moves while wrestling his mate in the garden.

He's even got the hand wraps and Muay Thai shorts combo down to a T.

"Matt watched some UFC fight at the pub last week and now he thinks he's Conor McGregor," one of the lads says.

"I don't know, just don't make eye contact or you'll provoke him."

With his shirt off, Matt then wonders round the streets trying to fight anything and everything - even parked cars.

It's the super aggressive shadow boxing while crossing the streets of busy roads for me.


Unfortunately for Matt, though, one of those parked cars he stumbles upon is being driven by none other than UFC heavyweight Tai Tuivasa.

Like some MMA fans filled with some Dutch courage, Matt then stupidly challenges Tuivasa to a fight, telling him to get out of the car - which, of course, he does.

"What are you doing you Zac Efron-looking f**k," Tuivasa hilariously shouts.

"Come here you feral looking f**k.

"Stop running off you little junkie!"

Tuivasa then chases him through a park while Matt runs away.

"I'm not scared of you big boy! Have a go bro," he yells back before hitting the legs across the field.

Overall, the clip makes for pretty entertaining viewing and one which undoubtedly reminds some of us of some particular MMA fans.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/theinspiredunemployed

Topics: Tai Tuivasa, UFC, Australia, MMA

Max Sherry
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