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Absolute Chaos At Russian MMA Event As Fighter Fly Kicks Rival Across Stage During Face-Off

Max Sherry


Absolute Chaos At Russian MMA Event As Fighter Fly Kicks Rival Across Stage During Face-Off

This will probably go down as one of the most mental combat sports face-offs in history.

An MMA event in Russia descended into chaos when a fighter two-foot tackled his rival across the stage after he was sucker punched during their staredown.

As the two mixed martial artists went face-to-face in the ceremonial square off, words were exchanged.

We're not quite sure what was said exactly as the pair are speaking Russian, but you could probably hazard a guess that their conversation wasn't particularly pleasant.

Although it's understood the man on the left in a blue polo is alleged to have said: "Let's solve this right here. You think I'm going to take a step back?"

Either way, one of the fighters clearly took exception to what was said and proceeded to take a wild swing at his opponent.

The left hook clocked the other bloke square on the jaw, but the guy refused to go down.

Somehow staying on his feet, the two then squared up as the rest of the fighters on the card watched on in the background.

The bloke who initially threw the first punch then followed it up with a head kick which appeared to catch his rival flush once again.

The heated situation was eventually defused when a bunch of abnormally-large guys dressed in all black and balaclavas stormed onto the stage and separated the pair.

Incredibly, the event continued on but tensions boiled over for a second time when the guy who initially got punched suddenly got up out of his chair and ran full pelt to the other side of the stage where his target was sitting.

He then produced a double-footed flying dropkick which catapulted his rival (and a couple of other fighters) completely off their chairs and into the studio backdrop.

All hell broke loose and even more abnormally-large guys dressed in all black and balaclavas were forced to spring into action to calm everything down.

Honestly, it made for pretty scary scenes.

So it's no surprise that footage of the incident has gone viral online with thousands of people either viewing it or rushing straight to the comments section to tag their mates.

But one bloke perhaps summed it all up best, simply saying: "Dana White would have a heart attack if this was him."

There's no denying that.

Featured Image Credit: PopMMA

Topics: UFC, Australia, MMA, Russia

Max Sherry
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