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British Newspaper Names Aussie Icon As 'Sporting GOAT' Ahead Of Tom Brady

British Newspaper Names Aussie Icon As 'Sporting GOAT' Ahead Of Tom Brady

Piers Morgan's article listed his 'Top 10 all-time sports GOATs​' and one of our very own pipped MJ and Muhammad Ali to the number one spot.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

It's not often that Piers Morgan talks a great deal of sense, but even us Aussies might find ourselves in agreement with his latest hot-take.

After 43-year-old Tom Brady clinched his record seventh Super Bowl trophy, many sports fans collectively agreed that he had officially cemented his legacy as one of the greatest athletes to ever walk the face of the earth.

But not everyone was on board with that idea.

British journalist and television presenter Morgan wrote an opinion piece for The Daily Mail outlining his male 'Top 10 all-time sporting GOATs'.

Piers Morgan.

And surprise surprise, veteran quarterback Brady was nowhere to be seen.

The headline for Mr Morgan's article read: "Tom Brady the greatest athlete ever? Sorry America, I love your Super Bowl king too - but he doesn't make my Top 10 all-time sporting GOATs led by a little Aussie genius you've never heard of playing a sport you don't understand."

So, who is that "little Aussie genius" he's referring to?

Coming in at the number one spot on Morgan's top 10, ahead of the likes of Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali, is legendary Australian cricketer Sir Donald Bradman.

Donald Bradman.

Explaining his reasons why Bradman is sport's GOAT, Morgan said: "Who?' I hear Americans cry in disbelief. To which my response is that he was a cricket player. At which point, I can hear the sound of bemused teeth-gnashing and mocking laughter fly across the pond to my office in London. 'You're seriously putting some guy we've never heard of, who played a sport we can't understand, above the likes of Jordan, Ali and Woods?' Well, yes actually. Because The Don, as he was known, was indisputably the greatest sportsmen to ever live. His stats were ridiculous: a final batting international batting average of 99.94 runs per innings, which is an astonishing 38 runs above the next highest player. For 20 years, he bestrode the cricketing world like a colossus, mercilessly smashing bowlers and records with equal gusto. He was a 5ft 7in machine who wielded such dominance that if he had scored just four runs in his final innings, his international average would have been 100, which in cricket terms is perfection. Instead, he was out for zero, proving that nobody's perfect. But Bradman came the closest to achieving perfection of any sportsman in history. And that's why, for me, he's the sporting G.O.A.T."

When it comes to sport, Piers Morgan has often had his knowledge questioned (even by his fellow Arsenal fans at times).

But when it comes to this latest argument, us Aussies are happy to agree with him - although in most people's eyes, Tom Brady would definitely be on that GOATs list.

Michael Jordan.

With that being said, we're not quite sure what Morgan's selection process for his top 10 was.

Is it purely based on talent, dominance and charisma or are accolades taken into consideration too?

Either way, the list will undoubtedly ruffle a few feathers among sports tragics.

But for us Australians, we're just glad one of our own is getting the recognition he truly deserves - even if it does come from someone like Piers Morgan.

Tom Brady.

Piers Morgan's Top 10 Sporting GOATs:

1. Sir Donald Bradman

2. Michael Jordan

3. Muhammad Ali

4. Usain Bolt

5.Cristiano Ronaldo

6. Tiger Woods

7.Roger Federer

8. Michael Phelps

9. Wayne Gretzky

10. Ayrton Senna

Featured Image Credit: PA

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