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Snoop Dogg Gives His Prediction For Mike Tyson Vs Logan Paul, His Analysis Is Spot On

Snoop Dogg Gives His Prediction For Mike Tyson Vs Logan Paul, His Analysis Is Spot On

The rap legend is no boxing expert, but he knows there's only one winner in this bout.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

We're well aware that Snoop Dogg is no boxing expert, but he's probably spot on with his latest prediction for Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul.

Rap legend Snoop reckons it'll take Iron Mike just two rounds to knock YouTuber-cum-boxer Paul out cold.


While no official contract has been signed, there have been talks that the two could lock horns inside the ring at some stage.

For most logical people looking in, it's a complete mismatch with former boxing world champion Tyson surely knocking Paul into another dimension - even at the age of 56.

But for some, including Paul himself, they genuinely believe he has a "puncher's chance".

Not Snoop Dogg though.

Appearing on UFC commentator Joe Rogan's podcast, Snoop have his thoughts on the boxing match.

"C'mon Joe, quit playing with me, man. It's Mike Tyson we talking about," he said.

"This is not a regular mother. It may trigger his old instincts. That mother is still in there! I predict a second-round KO [for Tyson].

Rogan then chimed in, adding: "Yeah that kid's going to get hit, for sure."

To which Snoop replied: "Floyd [Mayweather] was hitting him... Floyd's power is nowhere near Mike Tyson's power."

Most people would agree that Tyson would have his way with Paul no problem - although the YouTuber isn't onboard with the idea.

Paul genuinely believes he could "beat up" the "Baddest Man on the Planet".

Granted, he could be trying to sell the fight with these sort of comments, but he seems pretty sure of his ability.

"Mike Tyson's too old," he told reporters at his brother Jake's press conference.

"So what happens if I fight Mike Tyson? I beat up and old man? That's not cool.

"Bro, what are we talking about? He's too old dude. I got the reflexes of a cat. Like a young, quick feline, brother."

"I love Mike, I can't fake it, but I think I can beat Mike.

"Bro, I'm telling you, I would f**king beat up Tyson. If people would watch that fight then yeah I'd do it.

"We saw with Floyd, dude. There's no f**king reason that I should have been able to last - not just last, Floyd's on my highlight reel dog. There's no reason that should be possible.

"He's ageing. Father time takes a toll on everyone and Tyson's 56. What happens if I go in there and knock him out? For what?"

A bout is yet to be announced, but it looks destined to happen at some point in the new year.

Yes, Paul has somehow managed to blag his way into fighting not one but two of the best boxers to ever grace the earth.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/JRE

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