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Deontay Wilder's Former Coach Says He Was 'Untrainable' Before Tyson Fury Rematch

Deontay Wilder's Former Coach Says He Was 'Untrainable' Before Tyson Fury Rematch

The unique relationship between fighter and trainer is so important in the sport of boxing.

But this high-profile one has just hit rock bottom.

Deontay Wilder and his former coach Mark Breland have been engaging in a fiery war-of-words after the respected coach was infamously sacked for throwing in the towel during Wilder's rematch with Tyson Fury.

Former world champ Wilder has had a fair bit to say about his ex-coach, but now it appears Breland has landed the knockout blow after claiming that his client was "untrainable" and no longer "willing to learn."


"After Deontay became a name in boxing, new members joined the team, and it got to the point where I didn't have my fighter's phone number," he said in a statement on social media.

"I haven't spoke to Deontay alone in years. The things that I told Deontay to do had to be ran past Jay (Deas).

"Deontay had become untrainable because he was at the point of, he knows more about boxing than all of us. So teaching a correct jab was not a priority to learn once he continued on his knockout streak.


"A coach can only teach someone if they're willing to learn.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"We would wait for the champion hours before he arrived at the gym, and Jay would inform us about his mood.

"If he [Wilder] had a bad day, we had to be 'Quiet' not to be on the receiving end of 'his wrath' according to Jay in an effort not to be 'fired.' And yeah, [Wilder] hitting the bag, jumping rope and running is not high on the list for him.

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"So if he don't feel like it, he don't, and Jay didn't seem to understand the importance of those things. So he would make it clear not to ask Deontay twice.

Deontay Wilder Brutally Fires Back At Sacked Coach Mark Breland After He Said His Career Is "Over"

Deontay Wilder Brutally Fires Back At Sacked Coach Mark Breland After He Said His Career Is "Over"

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"If I tried to pull Deontay to the side to tell him what I see, Jay made it clear, 'Don't say nothing; you don't want to make him mad.'"

Boxing fans raised their collective eyebrows when news broke that Wilder had decided to part ways with Breland just hours after his first professional boxing defeat.

For many, the stoppage seemed pretty reasonable - but clearly not in the eyes of Wilder himself.


Breland added: "Lastly, at that fight just as many others we had NO cutman because Deontay won't need it, so I'm not a doctor but I know blood coming out of your ears and & dazed eyes could be a brain issue..and power comes from your legs & his legs were gone!

"So I made a decision to stop the fight and I'd do it all again! I have a son Deontay's age. I'm not looking to see him go out on his shield!"

The release of Breland's statement comes after Wilder unleashed on his former trainer during a recent radio interview, accusing him of spiking and tampering with his water.


The 'Bronze Bomber' also branded Breland as "jealous" among various other pleasantries.

Wilder hasn't fought since his demoralising defeat to Fury back in early 2020, but a trilogy bout is reportedly in the works for later this year.

Don't expect to see a certain someone in his corner again though.

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