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Kell Brook And Amir Khan Trade Homophobic And Racist Insults During Fiery Press Conference

Max Sherry


Kell Brook And Amir Khan Trade Homophobic And Racist Insults During Fiery Press Conference

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

The press conference involving Kell Brook and Amir Khan turned ugly when the pair started aiming personal, below-the-belt shots at each other.

Things got so heated that the two rivals stooped to new lows by trading homophobic and racist insults.

And judging by the reaction from viewers, they were far from impressed.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Brook and Khan will finally get to settle their bitter, age-old feud when they lock horns inside the ring this weekend.

The bout itself is expected to be box office entertainment, but the same couldn't be said for their pre-fight press conference with fans bitterly disappointed in their performances.

The heated rivalry boiled over after Brook revealed that he once shared a room with Khan during their time on the amateur circuit together.

"Don't laugh, I haven't shared a room with you. That doesn't sound right, Kell," Khan replied.

"Listen, I haven't shared a room with you, don't be saying that, especially given the stuff I've heard.

"You should have said 'shared a ring with him', but sharing a room?"

To which Brook replied: "It's you who was on gay sites w**king yourself off."

Sky Sports, who are the official broadcasters for the event, were forced to put up an apology message at the bottom of the screen as soon as the comments left Brook's mouth.

But the pair were far from done with trading barbs.

Khan then decided to call out Brook for a video where he allegedly claimed he would "smash that poppadom chin in".

"You said that, didn't you? It's quite racial that is," Khan said.

"The way you said that was really sad. When I saw that video, I thought, 'wow. One, why are you having a dig at me? Two, why are you having a dig at my race and being racist?'

"So for that, he needs to get a beating. I've never been a racist and I show my love to everyone.

"I'm sure he's got fans in the Pakistani, Indian and Asian community and for him to come out with comments like that... you should care about your people. We aren't going to be friends after all the racial comments. One thing was the hatred, but the racism, he has taken it too far.

"How can I be friends with someone like that?"

Brook strongly denied the accusations, claiming Khan was trying to paint him in a particular way.

"He's trying to get everyone on his side to make out that I'm some kind of racist character," Brook said.

"I'm not. There's no way where I'm from I'm racist at all. I didn't mean anything at all. I meant how delicate poppadoms are; they just break the same as his chin. That is the only angle I was coming at there."

"I've got Asian and Indian people I train with, and fans. It's pathetic how he is trying to portray me."

Once the unsavoury press conference wrapped up, the general reaction from fans was one of disappointment.

People flcoked to social media to slam both men, but it was Sky Sports' Head of Boxing Development Adam Smith who perhaps summed it up best.

"When you getting into, let's be honest, racist and homophobic stuff, it's disgraceful," Smith told Boxing Social.

"They should not have done it, I hope they apologise and I hope they feel ashamed about what they did, because it was totally wrong."

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Max Sherry
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