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Aussie Boxer's Heartwarming Gesture During Flight Home From Tokyo Olympics

Aussie Boxer's Heartwarming Gesture During Flight Home From Tokyo Olympics

The act of generosity shows why so many people have come to love Harry Garside.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Harry Garside has already become a household name in Australia for everything he has achieved inside the ring.

But it's the things he's doing outside of it which are setting him apart from others.

After clinching a bronze medal at the Tokyo Games, the Aussie boxer was on a flight back to his home state of Victoria with a bunch of other Olympians when he decided to do something truly special.

In a video posted on his Instagram story, Garside appeared buzzing to be sitting in a business class seat on the airplane, captioning the clip: "First time ever, cmonnnnsi."


But in a later post, he shared a picture of himself sitting further up the back of the plane in the economy class seating.

Once he arrived safely on Australian shores, the 24-year-old confirmed that he had, in fact, given his business class seat away to none other than his own boxing coach in a brilliant act of generosity.

"The question on everyone's mind coach is how was business class?" Garside asked his coach in a video.

To which head coach Kevin Smith replied: "I don't remember much about it, because pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was away."

How good!

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time that Garside has warmed the hearts of fans throughout the Olympic Games.

Garside, who also practices ballet while working as a plumber back in Australia, recently revealed that he planned on wearing a dress to the opening ceremony in Tokyo in a bid to "break stereotypes".

"I was going to wear a dress to the opening ceremony, but I didn't want to offend anyone," he said.

"I feel like some people might take it the wrong way, so this is my way of showcasing something."

Instead, the mullet-sporting Aussie opted for something a little more low-key but still equally as impactful.

"I got these [the nail polish] today. I just want to break stereotypes, to be honest. I'm a big one for that," Garside added.

"There's a lot of people out there who feel like they have to be something because they're a male or a female.

"I'm all about just being different."

Garside fell agonisingly short in his quest for gold, suffering a defeat at the hands of world No.1 Andy Cruz in their Olympic semi-final.

He did, however, become the first Australian boxer to make it onto the podium in 33 years.

"Thank you for backing me Australia," he said in an Instagram post, posing with his bronze medal.

"2024 we try change the colour."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@box_coach/@harry_garside

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