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In 2024, you can incorporate sport into your uni education in more ways than ever

In 2024, you can incorporate sport into your uni education in more ways than ever

Your studies don't have to come at a compromise.

We've partnered with Swinburne University of Technology to bring you the latest trends in Education so that you can be a trailblazer in your own life.

University life is an entire whirlwind of new experiences, far beyond those sneaky lunchtime trips to the pub. Your studies can take a lot out of you, and you might be worried you won’t have the time to enjoy the active stuff you love doing — even kicking a footy.

Luckily for you, it’s 2024, and there are ways to blend a passion for sport into this new chapter, creating a truly well-rounded educational journey that propels you towards a fulfilling career.

Gone are the days when universities solely focused on traditional academic disciplines. Today, forward-thinking institutions, like Swinburne University of Technology, offer dedicated programs that cater to sportlovers. These programs combine academic study, obviously, with awesome practical opps, gearing you up to smash goals in the sports industry.

A bachelor degree in Sport Science is a prime example. These programs delve into the science behind movement, exploring areas like anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. This knowledge base forms the foundation for careers in sports coaching, athletic training, or sports therapy — a crucial part of any sport.

Sports are more than just physical competition; they constitute a multi-billion dollar global industry. Success in this sector needs skilled professionals in areas like marketing, event management, and finance. Universities are recognising this need and tailoring programs to address it.

With the ability to major in Sports Management, for example, your studies can arm you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the intricacies of the business end of sport. You can learn about sponsorship deals, branding strategies, and the impact of technology on sport promotion. It’s great information and knowledge to have in your wheelhouse if you wish to make sport your career.

That’s not all. A large part of how we watch, love and live sport is through media. We’re watching recaps, we’re listening to podcasts, we’re getting the full play-by-play breakdown from the experts. Luckily, there’s a direct pathway at universities that can help you become that same expert.

Through studying Sports Media, like you can at Swinburne, you can gain the knowhow to thrive in this action-packed field. Studying sports media can equip you with the communication and storytelling skills to become the voice of the games you love, or give you the business acumen to navigate the ever-changing world of sports broadcasting.

Of course, if you love sport, you’re going to want to join your future uni’s club. But, some universities around Australia have partnerships with official clubs that can truly elevate your entire tertiary study experience. For example, the Richmond Institute is the education arm of the Richmond Football Club, and helps the next generation of sports leaders (*ahem* you) learn all they can to dominate the industry — from a Diploma of Sport to becoming a Sports Trainer.

Incorporating sport into your uni education will not only fuel your passion but also equip you with valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences valued in the industry. Remember, it’s 2024 — you don't have to compromise what you enjoy just for your studies. Picking the right courses at the right uni can mean you get to combine everything you love to help kick your career goals.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images