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Trans runner insists she hasn't 'cheated' after competing in female category for London Marathon

Trans runner insists she hasn't 'cheated' after competing in female category for London Marathon

Glenique Frank yelled 'girl power' as she beat 14,000 other women in the female category of the prestigious event.

A transgender runner insists she wasn't 'cheating' by entering into the women's category at the London Marathon, despite being met with a barrage of criticism.

Glenique Frank finished the prestigious race ahead of nearly 14,000 women in the female category, sparking questions as to how she was allowed to compete in the first place.

But what seemed to anger people online the most was the fact she boasted about using 'girl power' to get through the gruelling 26.2-mile course.

Speaking to the BBC as she crossed Tower Bridge, Franks told the reporter: "I've just done Tokyo, I did New York last year. Next year, I'll do number six a week before London.

"So a week's rest but… girl power! I've also run in the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, where I'm from. Shout out to my beautiful son, who's having a baby, so I'm going to be a granny... Granny G!"

One of the people leading the chorus of frustrations was ex-Olympic runner Mara Yamauchi.

“This male ran in yesterday’s London Marathon as Glenique Frank in the female category (Mass race) finishing in 6160th place out of 20,123.” Yamauchi tweeted in the wake of the race.

“So nearly 14,000 actual females suffered a worse finish position because of him.

“Last month, he ran in the Tokyo Marathon, as Glen Frank, also.”

She added: "Since 31 March, @WorldAthletics & @BritAthletics have banned post-puberty males from the F category. Under UKA transitional arrangements, males who had already entered races in the F category could still race. I assume this is how Frank was allowed to race yesterday. Nevertheless, males in the female category is UNFAIR for females."

But Frank has come out in defence of her move, insisting she hasn't 'cheated'.

"How can they say that I've cheated, who have I cheated? I did it in four hours and 11 minutes," she told the Daily Mail.

"I'm going to apologise, I should have entered under the male category but I wasn't taking any advantage over another female. I've just entered as a general public [participant] and I'm raising money for charity."

Frank went on to admit that she ran in the Tokyo and New York Marathons as Glen Frank 'because my passport is male and I haven't had surgery'.

She added: "I apologise for entering under the female category because I haven't had surgery yet.

"I wasn't intending to mislead the public, but I apologise for entering under the female category.

"At the end of the day, I'm not winning the race or prize money so I haven't cheated any other athletes out of their prize.

"When Glen becomes Glenique and gets female genitalia, she will enter as a female. Until then I will not enter again [as female] in competitive races where there is prize money involved."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/BBC/Instagram/kittyg1969

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