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AFL Player Adam Saad Calls For Better Education After Allegedly Being The Victim Of Racial Slur

AFL Player Adam Saad Calls For Better Education After Allegedly Being The Victim Of Racial Slur

Carlton player Adam Saad was allegedly called a 'terrorist' by an Adelaide Crows supporter, an incident made public by Carlton supporters.

Carlton player Adam Saad has called for better education centred around religious tolerance after he was allegedly called a ‘terrorist’ by a spectator.

The incident is being investigated by multiple authorities after a Carlton supporter’s group made known a woman who had allegedly used the racial slur against Saad at Adelaide Oval when the Blues went up against the Crows.

Carlton Cheersquad made the incident public on Twitter, writing: “Crows fan calls Adam Saad a Terrorist. 

“Cops, Security, Ground Staff ‘talk to her’ and say ‘it’s been dealt with’ and tell us to leave it at that and she isn't even kicked out of the ground.

“Absolutely disgraceful AFL, Carlton FC, Adelaide FC, The Adelaide Oval, SA Police.”

The tweet soon went viral and led to the supporter group releasing a statement outlining the full extent of the episode.

They said: “We brought this to the attention of ground staff immediately, who escalated our complaint to police, who took the person to the top of the bay for a chat.

“This person was not ejected from the venue. They simply had their details taken down ... we're very concerned that they were allowed to return to their seat.”

Saad is currently the AFL’s only Muslim player and has unfortunately been no stranger to racist abuse, however, maintained his class and grace in his response to the allegations. 

He told reporters: “Always grateful to be in this position, can't complain. Those things shouldn't be said but hopefully the AFL and the clubs will deal with it.

“Just got to educate around making comments like that. At the end of the day, I know who I am as a person and us as a Muslim community.

“As long as we can educate the person and move things forward.”

The AFL released a statement on the alleged racist remarks, saying: “The AFL is currently investigating alleged comments made by a spectator at AO (Adelaide Oval) last night.

"Football is a place of inclusion and belonging and there is no place for racist behaviour in our game."

Similarly, Carlton and Adelaide Crows are looking into the claims with the AFL’s integrity unit to determine the happenings.

A Blues statement read: “The club is fully aware of the seriousness of the alleged comments, and has been providing the appropriate level of support to its people as the matter is investigated.

"The club makes clear that vilification of any kind is disgraceful, unacceptable and has no place in society, let alone our game.

"Further comment will be provided once the investigation is completed in full."

Whilst the Crows said: “The Adelaide Football Club is investigating reports of an alleged racially motivated comment made by a spectator during Saturday night's game against Carlton.

"We do not tolerate and strongly condemn any form of discriminatory behaviour and it has no place in football or society.

"Adelaide Oval should be an inclusive and family-friendly environment.

"Nobody in our game or in the community deserves to be discriminated and vilified against due to their faith or race and there is simply no excuse for it."

Featured Image Credit: Fox Footy. Adam Saad/Instagram.

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