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Ronnie O'Sullivan named as one of the top three living sportsmen in the world as huge names snubbed

Ronnie O'Sullivan named as one of the top three living sportsmen in the world as huge names snubbed

A bold claim.

Ronnie O'Sullivan was named as one of the three top living sportsmen in the world by actor, author and TV presenter Stephen Fry.

O'Sullivan is a seven-time world champion, means he ties the record for most world titles won in the modern era of snooker.

He is looking to become just the fourth player in snooker history to win the Triple Crown (UK Championship, Masters and World Championship) when he travels to the Crucible in April.

Many players have named O'Sullivan as the greatest player in the history of the sport, including close friend and 10-time ranking event winner Jimmy White.

White told Eurosport in April 2023: "Ronnie O'Sullivan for sure, the GOAT, the greatest of all time.

"Seven world titles, seven [now eight] UK titles, seven [now eight] Masters titles, more than 1,200 centuries so far in his career.

"Why he's so good is because he makes the game look so easy. That is why Ronnie O'Sullivan is the greatest of all time."

And Fry, a lifelong snooker fan who is regularly seen attending tournaments, agrees with that view - and went one step further.

Last year, as part of a review for O'Sullivan's new autobiography, 'Unbreakable', Fry commented: "Reading this is like watching an O'Sullivan break: hypnotic, dazzling and impossible to tear yourself away from.

"When will the world fully realise that Ronnie O'Sullivan is one of the top three greatest sportsmen alive, a GOAT in the same triumvirate as Tiger Woods and Roger Federer?

"This utterly compelling, surprising and beautifully put together book shows us that there is so much more to him than outrageous natural talent.

"He is as fascinating a human as he is a player. A fabulous read."

Fry is also a big cricket fan, meaning it may come as a surprise to some that the likes of Sir Viv Richards or Sachin Tendulkar were not named as part of his top three.

He also supports Norwich City, and is currently their ambassador having previously held a seat on the board - but unfortunately for Canaries fans, Dean Ashton and Grant Holt didn't make it in either.

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