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Ronnie O'Sullivan has exemption from long-standing World Snooker rule ahead of World Championship

Ronnie O'Sullivan has exemption from long-standing World Snooker rule ahead of World Championship

O'Sullivan has had the exemption at various snooker events during the season.

Ronnie O'Sullivan has received permission to be exempt from a long-standing World Snooker rule in events this season.

O'Sullivan enters the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre with his eyes on winning a record-breaking eighth world title.

He is currently tied for the record with Stephen Hendry, having last lifted the trophy in 2022.

'The Rocket' has drawn Jackson Page in round one, and could set up a mouth-watering tie against world number two Judd Trump at the semi-final stage.

This season, O'Sullivan has won the UK Championship, Masters and World Grand Prix, while he reached the final of the recent Tour Championship before losing to Mark Williams.

Throughout the season, the 48-year-old has mixed up his attire on occasion, and broke with tradition to wear a mustard shirt throughout the Tour Championship earlier this month.

He has also worn black trainers at some events, despite World Snooker's dress code strictly enforcing a smart shoes rule.

However, O'Sullivan has been suffering from plantar fasciitis - tissue inflammation along the bottom of the foot between the heel bone and toes.

Speaking to Eurosport about the diagnosis, he explained: "I've got plantar fasciitis, which is, the easiest way to explain it is it's like a bruise on your heel.

"So when you put your foot down, it's really sore. Leather-soled shoes just absolutely batter my feet to pieces.

"I've had to resort to getting some really big old soles on them, just to sort of give my foot a rest, basically."

Speaking on commentary during the Masters final in January, six-time world champion Steve David noted that O'Sullivan had been given permission to wear training shoes by World Snooker.


It is unclear whether 'The Rocket' will need to use the exemption at the Crucible, as he has not worn trainers in recent events.

Snooker's governing body has faced increasing calls from top players to relax its dress code, with some initial attempts being made to do so in the Snooker Shootout and Home Nations events.

Speaking to Metro before the Masters in 2022, Trump called the dress code 'terrible', and added: "Don't get me started, the tie is so bad.

"Any tie I get I can't cue over, because the knot's too big. All players don't cue the same, and me cueing very flat to the table, my cue just goes straight over it.

"It's mind-boggling how anyone can come up with this kind of dress code. The bow tie is bad enough, but to have a tie in the way is ridiculous."

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