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Judd Trump pots two outrageous shots in World Open win as snooker fans ask 'fluke or genius?'

Judd Trump pots two outrageous shots in World Open win as snooker fans ask 'fluke or genius?'

Ronnie O'Sullivan fluked a shot on the blue in similar fashion earlier this week.

Judd Trump potted two incredible shots in a row on his way to beating Kyren Wilson 5-2 in the quarter-final of the World Open - but one has caused some debate.

Trump defeated Wilson 5-2 in Yushan to reach the semi-final, where he will face world number 52 Jackson Page.

'The Ace in the Pack' didn't have it all his own way against Wilson, however, despite hitting a 67 break to take a 1-0 advantage.

But his opponent hit back by winning consecutive frames to later make it 2-2, before Trump restored his advantage following a battle on the colours in the fifth frame.

However, the 2019 world champion did benefit from more than a touch of good fortune during the frame - although exactly how much good fortune is the big topic of discussion.

Trump missed a pot attempt on the green into the bottom left pocket by some margin, before the ball bounced off both cushions and rolled into the top right pocket.

Then, when snookered on the brown as a result, he fired the cue ball off the cushion and into the object ball, which sent it into the opposite pocket after two bounces.

You can see the shots below.

There isn't any debate about the first shot, given just how much Trump missed the initial pot attempt by.

But the second shot has generated more discussion, mainly because of the angle at which he connects with the brown ball.

And snooker fans have been debating exactly that on social media - with most seeming to be in agreement.

One fan was convinced: "Nobody on the tour flukes like this guy."

A second added: "What's Trump backing at Newbury today?"

A third said: "It's not a Judd Trump match without a one in million fluke."

And a fourth stated: "That's the most lucky one can get in a single frame of snooker."

But others were not convinced it was all luck, with one asking: "Unbelievable shot? Or luck?"

Another said: "Nice to see some trick shots again."

Trump is looking to lift his fifth ranking event of the season ahead of the World Championship, which gets underway at the Crucible next month.

His often closest rival Ronnie O'Sullivan won't be facing him this week, however, as 'The Rocket' was knocked out of the World Open by Hossein Vafaei on Thursday.

In his 5-3 win over Michael White earlier in the week, O'Sullivan had also prompted fan debate over whether he had fluked a blue on his way to securing the fourth frame.

Featured Image Credit: Eurosport / WST

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