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Viewers shocked as former rugby player is bitten by a snake on 'I'm A Celebrity'

Viewers shocked as former rugby player is bitten by a snake on 'I'm A Celebrity'

Nick Cummins suffered one of the most excruciating challenges on the show yet.

Viewers were left shocked after former Wallabies star Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins was attacked by a large python.

The former rugby legend is a contestant on I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, and you would’ve forgiven him for wanting to get out of there.

On the show a bunch of celebs are thrown into the ‘wild’ where they are often tasked with doing some terrifying challenges.

And Mr Cummins, understandably, struggled to keep his terror in check with the latest task.

The 35-year-old was tasked with sticking his hand blindly into a box housing a snake on Tuesday (April 11) night.

He simply had to wait for the snake to react to this random arm getting in his way - can’t imagine this going wrong.

Hosts Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris noted that the snake didn’t ‘look happy, either’.

And unsurprisingly it was a recipe for disaster.

The reptile quickly leapt at the arm and clamped its jaw around The Honey Badger’s hand before wrapping around the rest of the limb and tightening.

The former Wallaby was clearly in pain as tried to win the challenge.

The challenge was called ‘confronting’ with many online squirming at the image of the snake strangling the arm of the celebrity.

One wrote: “The speed of which that snake wrapped its body around his arm was quite confronting.”


A third added: “Yeah, it’s not venomous, but now it’s trying to strangle/crush him.”

The medic caught wind of the former rugby star’s bleeding hand with a snake handler quickly brought in to detach the snake from Cummins.

Action Plus Sports Images / Alamy

The doctor joked: “He’s alright. I thought his skin might have been a bit tougher being a honey bager. I think we’ll be good.”

Cummins incredibly continued on with the challenge and won 10 stars out of a possible 13.

The former Union star played for Western Force between 2008 and 2015 and represented Australia on 15 occasions.

He also played for the Australia Sevens at the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

Featured Image Credit: @ImACelebrityAU/Twitter.

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