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When The Queen jumped out of a plane at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony

When The Queen jumped out of a plane at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony

In a brilliant moment with James Bond, the Queen definitely jumped out of a plane and into the Olympic Stadium.

The Queen entered the Olympic Opening Ceremony in the most brilliant way possible back in 2012, when she 'parachuted' into the stadium with James Bond, and you can relive it below.

The Queen was well known for her love of sport, which does again beg the question why the FA felt it was right to postpone all football this weekend in 'her honour.'

Her Majesty owned race horses and was relatively regularly, for someone in her position, seen at race meetings cheering on her charges during their races.

10 years ago she got to witness the Olympics taking place in London as the ruling Monarch, having seen them take place in the capital in 1948 as well, when her father King George XI was still at the thrown.

Despite being 86-years-old, she didn't take a complete back seat to the action, as Danny Boyle's Opening Ceremony welcomed the world to the games.

Instead the Queen took part in a wonderful skit alongside Daniel Craig, playing James Bond, in which they arrived to the London Stadium in a plane and both parachuted down.

She was then welcomed into the stadium, as if she'd fallen from up high and got into the stadium to take her seat, it was a really great moment.

The Queen took her seat. Image: Alamy
The Queen took her seat. Image: Alamy

Stage manager Sam Hunter recently revealed that the whole moment was a complete surprise to the rest of her family, and was one of the stipulations to her taking part.

According to Hunter, you can tell from the reactions of her family also in the crowd that she managed to keep it a secret from them until the moment.

"The Queen never told her family she was doing it. That was one of the stipulations when she agreed to be part of it," Hunter told Kirsty Wark earlier this year.

It wasn't the only time the Queen joined a much loved star of film on screen, as earlier this year she joined Paddington Bear in a wonderful scene during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Following the 96-year-old's death on Thursday night, Lewis Hamilton shared a brilliant story from the time that he joined the Queen for lunch.

He accidentally broke protocol whilst sitting next to her and she had to tell him to talk to the person on the other side of him before she got round to speak to him later.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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