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Ronnie O'Sullivan wants officials to introduce new rule that would make snooker far more entertaining to watch

Ronnie O'Sullivan wants officials to introduce new rule that would make snooker far more entertaining to watch

Ronnie O'Sullivan has called on snooker's rule-makers to take action.

Ronnie O'Sullivan has called on snooker to introduce a rule that would "get rid of boring players" who "drain the life" out of everybody.

The 48-year-old, who beat Ding Junhui at the Masters – despite his opponent recording an incredible 147 break – voiced his opinion on the matter during an interview with Eurosport.

Towards the end of last year, former world number one Stephen Hendry made a suggestion that matches should come to an end once snookers were required by the trailing opponent.

Shaun Murphy also called for frames to end if a player needs a snooker to win but others disagreed. Eurosport commentator Mark Valledy said the rule change would somewhat ruin the sport.

“Ripping the heart and soul from the sport with this idea,” he said. “One of the most fascinating (and skilful) parts of the game is the art of laying Snookers, and as Ken rightly said…‘It’s called Snooker for a reason!!’”

Since Hendry and Murphy brought up the topic, many have discussed it in depth. In fact, Ronnie O'Sullivan gave his take on snookers as he stood next to former Scottish snooker player Alan McManus.

"I think we should bring a rule out where you get rid of boring snooker players, that’s probably a better rule,’ O’Sullivan said on Eurosport.

"Going for snookers can be fun, boring snooker players who just drag the game out, get rid of them, fine them, do something.

"Make them play snooker instead of draining the life out of everybody.

"It’s not my thing, snookers. I’d rather get on with the next frame. I think the game needs to be entertaining at the end of the day.

"Someone getting snookers can be entertaining but I think the bigger thing is getting rid of really boring players who play horrible snooker, ugly snooker.

O'Sullivan added: "It’s when you get really negative players, it’s hard to watch, I think that’s the more important thing to get rid of than people playing for snookers.

"I think we’re talking about something that’s not really important, the way the game is played is more important.

"I don’t even think you need a shot clock, just encourage people to play snooker properly instead of watching a lot of these players I see, they’re just painful to watch.

"There’s a winning style, play a winning game, if you play like that you can’t win, what’s the point? Go and watch Stephen Hendry videos and just try to emulate that."

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