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NASCAR star protests officials by parking his car at the finish line and walking off mid-race

NASCAR star protests officials by parking his car at the finish line and walking off mid-race

Josh Williams was told to park his car after a piece of tape fell off his vehicle - he followed the ruling but on his own terms.

Racing star Josh Williams gave a symbolic middle finger to NASCAR officials and made a dramatic exit from the Xfinity Series on the weekend.

The 29-year-old was competing during the first stage of NASCAR’s Xfinity Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The race had been marred by plenty of cautions from officials including four by the 26th lap of 40.

Williams received a final yellow after a piece of debris came off his No. 92 Chevrolet and he was ordered to park his vehicle.

NASCAR officials will be hoping they gave a little more detailed instructions as a frustrated Williams followed their ruling but on his own terms.

Clearly unhappy with the call, he decided to drive right up to the checkered start-finish line and park his car as the race was still going.

Before getting out of his vehicle he could be heard on his radio complaining to his crew about the NASCAR regulations they state he must park following a wreck of ‘any kind’.

And it appears as if a piece of tape was included under such a ruling.

Williams said: “This is some bull you know what. I've never heard of this in my life."

In the most sarcastic of manners, Williams proceeded to get out of his car and walk toward his pit crew as he waved and smiled for the fans.

ESPN reports that he was escorted to his team haulier without speaking to any reporters.

Fans online sided with Williams in the incident with may believing the ruling to be unfair toward him.

One wrote: “I love it. The drivers and teams are getting tired of Nascar bs. This guy just sent the strongest message yet.”

Another said: “One of the biggest middle fingers to Nascar I have seen, this will be remembered for years.”

A third added: “What an absolute legend. Went out like Antonio brown haha.”

NFL star Antonio Brown infamously did a similar thing back in January 2022, taking off his Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ jersey and exiting mid-game.

As for Williams, many expect a suspension and a fine to come from NASCAR.

However, he may simply not care any more.

Cameras captured him saying: “What’s he gonna do? Fine me? I can’t afford to pay it.”

Featured Image Credit: Skewcar/YouTube.

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