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Michael Jordan refused to let one of the world's biggest rappers take a shot of his tequila

Michael Jordan refused to let one of the world's biggest rappers take a shot of his tequila

Grammy Award winner Pitbull shared a story of trying Michael Jordan's tequila which quickly got him intoxicated.

Rapper Pitbull has shared stories of interactions with basketball legend Michael Jordan, with the pair owning rival NASCAR teams, admitting that he 'got f***ed up' when trying Jordan's tequila Cincoro.

Arguably the greatest ever basketball player, the 60-year-old owns numerous businesses including an NBA team, a NASCAR team, his deal with Nike for Air Jordan as well as his own tequila.

According to Jordan, you can't drink it like any other tequila given its strength and Pitbull shared a story of trying it while in the great man's presence.

The rapper owns Trackhouse Racing in the NASCAR Cup series and got into one of the United States' most popular exhibitions because of its 'underdog fighting spirit' while being able to draw parallels between it and his own life.

Alongside friend Denny Hamlin, Jordan owns the 23XI team which has seen Pitbull interact with the NBA hall of fame member on occasion.

Speaking on the Howard Stern Show, the Grammy Award winner admitted: “I don’t party with Jordan but I’ve seen him at the races" when asked if he parties with Jordan before explaining why the former basketball player stopped him from taking a shot of Cincoro.

“Nah you don’t take a shot of that. You sip that," Jordan told Pitbull with the rapper then admitting: “I did sip it and I got fu**** up.”

Alongside his involvement in NASCAR, Jordan holds a deep interest in other sports including racing and baseball while also being an avid golfer.

When the Hall of Famer announced his purchase of 23XI, the six-time NBA champion shared childhood stories relating to NASCAR.

“Growing up in North Carolina, my parents would take my brothers, sisters, and me to the races, and I’ve been a NASCAR fan my whole life,” Jordan revealed. "So, when an opportunity presented itself, Jordan pounced on it to become only the second Black owner in NASCAR."

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