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Andrew Tate has chosen the five people that can visit him in prison

Andrew Tate has chosen the five people that can visit him in prison

The streamer's one of a select group of people who can see the controversial American behind bars

It's been three weeks since the controversial influencer Andrew Tate was arrested.

The 36-year-old was detained in Romania alongside his brother Tristan and two women as part of an investigation into allegations of human trafficking and rape, which they deny.

The arrests made headlines around the world, with many keen to find out what Tate's experience behind bars is like.

One man who'll find out soon enough is the Twitch streamer Adin Ross. The 22-year-old is one of five people Tate's invited to see him in the next few weeks.

"I've just filled in my visitation form," Tate recently said, as quoted by The Sun. "I'm allowed five visitors. Four are family members and the fifth is Adin Ross."

Ross was quick to respond to the news on a recent YouTube video. He admitted to waking up with the 'biggest smile' on his face and claimed that he's on his way to Romania to see his 'G'.

"Love you, brother," Ross continued.

The streamer claims he and Tate share a 'genuine friendship'.

The pair collaborated on a video together in Dubai last year, with Ross admitting that Tate's current predicament is having a negative impact on his own mental health.

"I talked to him [Tate] a lot when there were no cameras on," Ross said. "We text and stuff, we'd call.

Tate is currently detained in Romania. (Image
Andrew Tate)

"Like I said, I had a genuine bond of friendship with him, and people don't really understand that this all happening actually affects me, because it's like, that's my friend."

"We talk on a daily basis. I’m like, 'Hey bro, I’m in a slump right now. How do I get out of bed today? I don’t feel good mentally."

"He’d give me advice. Like, 'Yo, you need to get the f**k up outta your bed. You laying there is not going to do anything.' He’d just text me stuff."

Ross was also quick to defend Tate's brother Tristan.

"They genuinely care, bro," he insisted. "They wanna see me take this journey."

Tate during a media appearance in 2022. (Image

Tate will remain behind bars until the end of January after a court rejected his appeal to be released earlier this month.

Meanwhile, if you try and access Ross' Twitch channel, you'll be greeted by a message reading: "This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service."

That's because the streamer's been banned from Twitch for the seventh time.

We're not sure why he's been banned, although there are reports it's because he broke Twitch's terms of service during a recent broadcast.

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