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The bizarre reason former NBA star was fined $400,000 by his team

The bizarre reason former NBA star was fined $400,000 by his team

Jamaal Tinsley simply didn't want to get his jocks off in front of his teammates.

Former NBA star Jamaal Tinsley reportedly accumulated $400,000 in fines for refusing to shower with his teammates.

Yep, that’s an odd one.

Bruno Sundov, who played with the point guard at the Indiana Pacers two decades ago, made the claim.

Sundov said that Pacers legend Reggie Miller noticed Tinsley would never shower with his teammates after practice and games.

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As a result, Miller forced the organisation to change its rules to enforce all players showering together after a game.

I mean, let the man shower in peace.

And sure enough, the rule change did nothing to persuade Tinsley to get packed in with his fellow players.

Speaking to the Podcast Inkubator, Sundov said: “Tinsley wouldn't shower after practices or games.

"We easily enter or exit the shower, and he would be dressed already exiting the locker room.

"Once, twice, three times... and Reggie Miller says to the team manager, 'Bring the team rule book, we have to add one change that every player must shower after every training session, especially after every game, otherwise he will be punished'.

"The first fine was $500 (AUD $778), and it would be doubled every other time he didn't take a shower."

Despite the fine doubling on each instance, Tinsley still wasn’t persuaded to get wet with his mates, as Sundov reveals.

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He continued: “Guess how much Jamaal Tinsley paid in fines for not showering? He paid $250,000 (AUD $389,000) in fines because he did not want to shower after practices.

"It's like he's taking a shower at home, he doesn't want to be naked among everyone.

"We counted at the end, and he paid $250,000 (AUD $389,000) worth of fines for not showering."

While many would have been appalled at that number, it apparently didn’t put Tinsley off too much as he stayed at the Pacers for nine seasons through to 2009.

Kudos for the persistence.

The now 44-year-old went on to play for the Memphis Grizzlies and Utah Jazz later on in his career.

He played 588 games in the NBA and scored 4,652 points.

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