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LeBron James ripped to shreds by fans over the legitimacy of his Takeoff tribute

LeBron James ripped to shreds by fans over the legitimacy of his Takeoff tribute

Savage social media users are labelling him 'LeCap', 'LeLiar' and 'LeCapalot'.

The sudden death of rapper Takeoff sent shockwaves around the world.

Thousands of fans flocked to social media to pay their respects and share fond memories of the Migos star – LeBron James being one of them.

But it seems the NBA megastar is being called out for his comments with people claiming he's 'capping'.

In the wake of Takeoff's tragic passing, LeBron paid homage to him in a press conference.

"I've been listening to those guys for so long," LeBron told the media.

"I was listening to those guys my first year with the Heat in 2010. You can ask any one of my teammates back then, they had no idea who the Migos was.

"They were cursing me out when I would play it in the weight room or the locker room. I was like 'I'm telling you these guys are next'."

It was a touching tribute for a music icon gone too soon.

But instead of heaping praise on LeBron, fans on social media were quick to question whether his 2010 Miami Heat locker room story was legitimate seeing as though the Migos first started releasing music in 2011.

When popular Twitter account Clutch Points posted the clip, one fan commented: "They didn’t even release a project until 2011 lmao he trying way too much."

Others soon followed suit, one person saying: "Why LeBron always cappin like this man?"

As another added: "The most casual capper I've seen yet."

While one replied: "He’s up there with Shaq when it comes to generational liars."

One bloke joked: "I need someone to start a thread on all of the lies Bron has told man."

On Bleacher Report's post, the comments were even more savage with users weaving the slang term 'cap' into LeBron's name.

Nicknames like "LeCap", "LeLiar" and "LeCapalot" were being thrown around.

Brutal, absolutely brutal.

Judging by a simple internet search along the lines of 'when did Migos form', Google reckons it was around 2008.

Granted, they began releasing mainstream music in around 2011, but that doesn't necessarily mean LeBron hadn't heard their very early tunes.

Either way, fans wasted no time in calling out LeBron, especially given his history of 'capping'.

This instance, if false, wouldn't be the first time that LeBron has perhaps told some porky pies.

Back in 2006, he was famously quoted saying he predicated that Kobe Bryant would score 80 points against the Toronto Raptors – which still remains the second-highest individual scoring total in NBA history

Bron said: “I seen the whole game, I was at home watching the game, you know. Before the game even started, when I seen, I said he’s probably gonna score 70 tonight. I don’t know what made me say that. My friends was with me, and they was like, ‘Okay’. When he hit 70, I was like, ‘He might as well go for 80 now’. I’m basically a fan of the game and to see that performance was unbelievable.”

Then, of course, there was his most recent viral moment during an exchange with Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford

"I had one coach and he used to say 'put yourself in situations where you're not comfortable'," Rashford explained.

But before the Premier League star could finish, LeBron interrupted.

"Oh yeah that's my favourite saying, that's my favourite saying," LeBron insisted.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Los Angeles Lakers/Alamy

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