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NBA Player Live Streams Shocking Video Of Woman Harassing Him And Saying He's 'Not American'

Max Sherry

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NBA Player Live Streams Shocking Video Of Woman Harassing Him And Saying He's 'Not American'

NBA star Norman Powell had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of some truly awful abuse while he was supposed to be enjoying a relaxing workout.

The Los Angeles Clippers small forward was harassed by a white woman, who was telling Powell that he was "not American", allegedly because of his skin colour and the type of music he was listening to.

Powell did incredibly-well not to react or bite back, instead opting to share his not-so-pleasant experience by streaming it on social media.


The woman in question was eventually greeted by local authorities who issued her a misdemeanor citation at the scene for obstructing a police officer.

According to Powell himself, he was attending a local gym when the woman stormed in and claimed that she needed assistance after getting into a fight outside.

"She came here the first time and was saying she got in a fight," he says during the live stream.


"We told her to leave out the back. She left, she was gone for about 15, 20 minutes, came back, staying in the gym calling us un-American, saying we need to go back, calling us p***y, a whole bunch of s**t."

In the video, the woman can be heard calling Powell "not American".

But when Powell replied by saying that he was "born and raised here" and that his "decedents were African", the lady responded by claiming that she was a "slave".


As the debate continued on, Powell then panned the camera out to show what appears to be one of the instructors on the phone to police.

In another clip posted online, the woman can be seen bizarrely pulling down her pants before gym staff quickly intervene and push her away.

"Alright, I didn't want to have to do this," she says.

"He says I wasn't a woman!"


But a man, believed to be a personal trainer, swiftly intervenes.


"No no no," he yells.

"You better get the f**k out of here. Are you trying to p**s on my equipment? Get the f**k out of here."

The two parties then begin tussling and the woman is knocked to the floor.

"This s**t is crazy, man," Powell simply adds as he watches the chaos unfold before his very eyes.

Rather stupidly, the woman then "calls his bluff" when Powell insists the police have been called and are on their way.

Then, to the lady's complete and utter surprise, authorities rock up waste no time in detaining her.

In Powell's live stream, the woman can be seen in handcuffs, leaning over the police vehicle while getting searched.

TMZ is now reporting that the woman was taken to a local hospital on a psychiatric hold.

It's understood she wasn't formally arrested but did receive a citation.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/normanpowell4

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Max Sherry
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