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UFC release audio from ref's mic after he admits to doing something for 'first time in 20 years' at UFC 300

UFC release audio from ref's mic after he admits to doing something for 'first time in 20 years' at UFC 300

UFC have released audio from the referee's mic following his request.

Veteran MMA referee Marc Goddard admits to doing something for the 'first time in 20 years' during the Justin Gaethje vs. Max Holloway fight as UFC release audio from his mic.

Goddard was the third man in the Octagon as Holloway and Gaethje went to war at UFC 300.

Holloway was on course to win a decision victory until he decided to throw down with Gaethje in the middle of the cage.

They traded leather before 'Blessed' landed a brutal shot that put 'The Highlight' to sleep in one of the greatest moments in UFC history.

The promotion have since released the audio from the referee's mic following a unique request.

The British official took to social media to ask the UFC if they could release the audio from his mic.

"Id love the UFC to release the mic’d audio from me," he wrote on X. "I literally screamed out at that ending, first time in 20 years. It was an automatic reaction I guess. I’m still speechless. Still have goosebumps. Both of these guys are the epitome of our sport. Sheer class. What a privilege."

Well, the UFC have granted his request and posted the audio from his mic as Holloway incredibly stops Gaethje in his tracks.

The video shows Goddard screaming as Gaethje crumbles to the canvas before shouting 'it's over'.

Goddard's incredible reaction summed up how the MMA community felt following the UFC 300 battle.

UFC chief Dana White was also in awe of Gaethje vs. Holloway as he called it a 'holy shit' moment.

"When you think about we’re sitting in that room and we created the ‘BMF’ [title], tonight totally embodied what that belt was built for," he said during the post-fight press conference.

"There should be a picture of that fight in the f**king dictionary when you look up 'BMF'. It was incredible.

"People always ask me what I do - I sell holy sh*t moments for a living. That was the ultimate holy sh*t moment of all time. If you were at home, if you were at a bar or if you were here live tonight, there’s no bigger holy sh*t than that."

Featured Image Credit: UFC

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