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Paddy Pimblett verbally decimated Tony Ferguson during UFC 296 press conference, he looked shaken

Paddy Pimblett verbally decimated Tony Ferguson during UFC 296 press conference, he looked shaken

The Liverpool-born fighter didn't hold back.

Paddy Pimblett didn't hold back during his UFC 296 press conference with Tony Ferguson.

After a year out through injury, 'Paddy the Baddy' makes his long-awaited return to the cage on Saturday night where he will face Ferguson.

39-year-old Ferguson is hoping to end a run of six fights without a victory and recently issued a chilling warning to his opponent, calling him a "sensitive little bastard".

However, during their pre-fight press conference, it was Pimblett's turn to land the verbal blows.

After a fairly laid back start to the conference, the Liverpool-born fighter ripped into Ferguson, sparking a war of words between the pair.

After Pimblett told Ferguson to grow up, the American poked fun at his accent, saying: "Everybody get what he said? I don't understand one f***ing word from you buddy."

Pimblett then brutally replied: "You don't have to. But when I'm standing over your unconscious body on Saturday night like Michael Chandler you'll know who the f***ing boy is."

Keep dreaming bay, keep f***ing dreaming dude," Ferguson said in response. "That s**t is not going to happen. Ketchup sandwich, I'm going to cut you so f***ing bad they're going to have to stitch you up."

Pimblett then piped up: "Lad I want you to. Cut me open like you said you're going to do because I'll be standing over you, grounding and pounding your unconscious skull, you f***ing little bum.

"I can't believe you've actually got a suit on lad. Every other day you're like an eight-year-old that's just dressed himself for the first time. You look like a f***ing idiot."

Ferguson soon chimed in: "I can't wait to f***ing cut you up. It's been a long f***ing time since I brought the blades out."

However, Pimblett brought up his six-fight losing streak, claiming he had already beaten Ferguson mentally.

"Bring the blades out then lad," the Baddy added. "You said you were going to cut your last six opponents, you can't do f*** all against them because you're an old crab. Shut your mouth.

"I hope the old Tony turns up, not this washed up version. Take the shades off lad, you tired to stare me out before and looked away first. I've already beaten you mentally. You haven't got a clue."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter @ufc

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