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Michael Chandler rejects Conor McGregor's rule change for UFC 303 fight

Michael Chandler rejects Conor McGregor's rule change for UFC 303 fight

Michael Chandler refused to bow down to one of Conor McGregor's terms.

Michael Chandler has rejected Conor McGregor's rule change for their UFC 303 fight.

Chandler will welcome McGregor back to the Octagon following his time away from the sport.

A brand-new UFC title has been tipped to be on the line for their Las Vegas clash.

The UFC superstar hasn't fought since his crushing defeat to Dustin Poirier back in July 2021, but he'll make his eagerly-awaited comeback on June 29.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani, the 'Notorious' outlined his desire to compete over three rounds opposed to five rounds.

"Rounds. Maybe I might say to them, 'Look I'm just doing three rounds lads, for this one'," he explained.

"And I just want to just wet my beak. I can do three rounds really nicely now. Rather than pushing through to get to five.

"I feel if I push right now to get to give full fitness rounds, I feel the first three rounds wouldn't be as sharp as I could get them."

The Irishman added: "So I'd rather sharpen the blade of three and go in nice and sharp. Get the feel, get the fight.

"Chandler is going to come for it, Chandler's going to try engage and come at me, he's going to have to. That's his style.

"I think three is a lovely one. And then the five. I do think three and five. That's how I feel.

"This is just my own thoughts, I've not said this to anyone yet. It's a go now, so I'm thinking now."

Chandler vs McGregor- Getty
Chandler vs McGregor- Getty

However, the idea of three rounds does not sit well with Chandler, who is glad their UFC 303 fight is scheduled for five rounds.

Explaining why he wants a five-rounder against McGregor, he revealed: "I like five rounds. I like the idea of five rounds. I like the idea of the training camp you have to put in for five rounds. I like the idea of the immense amount of the road in front of you... the toil in front of you for a five round fight when you step inside the Octagon.

"One of us wants it and one of us didn't so that's a good indicator of who's ready to go to battle. I'm glad it's five rounds."

Featured Image Credit: Getty/The MMA Hour

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