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Tai Tuivasa suffers disappointing submission loss to Alexander Volkov in his hometown of Sydney

Tai Tuivasa suffers disappointing submission loss to Alexander Volkov in his hometown of Sydney

The two heavyweights squared off at UFC 293.

Alexander Volkov has handed Tai Tuivasa a devastating loss in Bam Bam’s hometown of Sydney.

As the second round came to a close, the Russian caught the Australian in an Ezekiel choke with the heavyweight unable to escape.

Bam Bam walked out in typical fashion to Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception’ and looked in good spirits as he stood across from the Russian.

The Australian entered the arena with a thunderous reaction in his hometown of Sydney.

The event had been built around the hometown boy being in the co-main.

The first round of the fight started with Tuivasa looking keen on turning things into a slugfest, however, Volkov looked to take his time with his strikes.

Drago caught Bam Bam late into the first round before unloading on his opponent as he attempted to slip on a guillotine choke.

The round ended with Tuivasa looking busted up and worse for wear.

Volkov’s lead leg looked in a bad way early on in the second round as Tuivasa looked to target the Russian.

Drago looked shaky standing up as Tuivasa felt his way back into the contest, continually looking for that big knockout blow.

The fight looked to be heading into Tai’s forte with both fighters throwing haymakers, however, Tuivasa soon found himself on the ground.

Volkov managed to gain and maintain top control for much of the ending stages of the second round before eventually catching Tuivasa in an Ezekiel choke.

The Australian couldn’t find an escape and ended up tapping to give the Russian the win.

It was an entertaining heavyweight bout that delivered on its expectations.

Featured Image Credit: UFC.

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