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Joe Rogan left stunned as Sean Strickland drops Israel Adesanya

Joe Rogan left stunned as Sean Strickland drops Israel Adesanya

Sean Strickland caused a huge upset as he defeated Israel Adesanya during UFC 293

Joe Rogan was left stunned after Sean Strickland dropped Israel Adesanya during their UFC 293 clash.

On Sunday morning, Strickland caused a huge upset in Sydney, Australia after he managed to outscore the heavily backed Adesanya.

As the fight was happening, Rogan hosted a watch-along on YouTube as he opted against making the trip to Australia.

Rogan’s reaction to Strickland scoring a heavy knockdown in the first round has since gone viral.

The 56-year-old was seen smoking a cigar as the move happened, leading to him continuously shouting ‘Oh my God’.

Strickland followed up the knockdown with a series of ground strikes.

Eventually, Adesanya fell to a shock unanimous defeat to Strickland.

After watching the event, Rogan said: “I’m stunned. I think this is the most stunned I’ve ever been, surprised at a performance.

“Like, Holly Holm-Ronda [Rousey]. I knew Holly was dangerous. I knew Holly was a legit striker and if Ronda couldn’t get her to the ground, Holly is a multiple-time world kickboxing champion.”

He continued: “When he cracked him with that right hand in the first round, I was like, ‘What world? What timeline are we on?’”

Whilst Strickland said during his post-fight interview: “Am I dreaming, am I going to wake up? Somebody hit me. Never in a million years did I think I would be here. I don't cry much but I'm trying to keep [myself] together right now.

“Izzy's had how many highlight knockouts, he's beaten the majority of my friends pretty easily. I was even doubting myself at times, but the fans in Australia motivated me.”


He added: “I give so many brain cells to the MMA gods every day. I thought I'd be walking away a little bloody and broken up, I'm still shocked that didn't happen, this is the first time I'm lost for words.

“But remember, this gold around my waist doesn't mean [anything]. What matters is how you live your life, and I'm living better through you guys, for you guys, thank you.”

Featured Image Credit: UFC/Joe Rogan Experience

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